» Lara Dutta’s birthday predictions!

Lara Dutta’s birthday predictions!

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Former Miss Universe and slowly evolving in to a fine actress, Lara Dutta celebrates her birthday on April 16. Our in house expert and celebrity astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts what’s in store for the beauty who turns 32 today.

“Born on 16th April 1978, Lara is a Number 7 person in numerology ruled by Numbers 2 and 7 (Moon and Neptune – 2 and 7 always go hand in hand), Number 9 (Aries – ruling planet Mars) and Number 9 again as her destiny number also adds up to the same number (1 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9)” explains Bhavikk.

“Being a Number 7, Lara is very creative and hence also a moody person. She is also very hyper, impatient, temperamental and aggressive, thanks to the strong Mars effect. Due to the presence of ‘Ketu dosh’, she should stay far away from any legal, police or government problems as she is likely to face lawsuits throughout life, be it in some or the other case, especially if she over trusts people or signs contracts without reading it properly. Defamation can affect her mental peace and family reputation, so she should opt for out of court settlement. Wearing a Cat’s eye above 4 carats on a Thursday midnight can eradicate this negativity which she is so much surrounded with ” advices Bhavikk.

“On the film front, her upcoming release ‘Housefull’ will benefit her a lot in terms of appreciation for her performance whereas in ‘Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai’, she will be liked as well”.

“Lara will be entering her 33rd year from today which purely signifies an upliftment in her personal life vis-à-vis marriage. She should look out for a stable partner now and should cement the relationship, but marriage is recommended only post April 2011” tells Bhavikk.

“On a very personal note, her current name spelling adds up to Number 26 (just like Sania Mirza) which indicates grave warnings for the future. It shows disaster brought about by others in the form of bad speculation, partnerships, unions and wrong advice. I would tell her to spell her name as LARA DATTA or not use her last name at all (just write LARA) for best results. That’s the best birthday gift I can give her, and she can ever receive” signs off Bhavikk with a smile.

We have already taken note of that. Are you listening, Ms.Lara !

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 15 April, 2010
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