Lamhaa Promo in Trouble?

Lamhaa Promo in Trouble?

By Editor


Rahul Dholakia’s film has been facing trouble since the beginning. To start with, Karishma Kapoor backed out from the project after showing a lot of interest in it. Then, Bipasha Basu was taken in to play the role of a Kashmiri girl. Later, the sexy Basu also walked out of the set in Kashmir, saying that she was feeling very uncomfortable mobbed by the fans. Then, the rumors of Vidya Balan replacing Basu started to do the rounds. All these issues were resolved later and Bips continued to be the leading lady in the film.


Now, after crossing all these barriers, the film’s promotional clips were finally ready for the viewers. But, the road ahead is not so easy for the Lamhaa team. The censor board has many objections to the promo of the film.

Initially, the censor board totally rejected the promo. Later, the filmmakers approached the revising committee, which has asked for several changes.

Director Dholakia stated, “I have a great respect for the chairperson of the censor board, Sharmilaji. So, I have happily accepted the changes recommended by it. Changes are also made in some of the dialogues.”

Some important deletions are made, like the word ‘sabse’ is removed from ‘Duniya ki sabse khatarnak jagah Kashmir’ and the word ‘farji’ has been deleted from the ‘farji elections’.

The promo of Lamhaa has already faced many controversies, so it will be interesting see what certification the movie earns finally!

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 15 June, 2010
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