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Katrina’s serious move

By Editor


Katrina Kaif has established herself as a competent actress and 18 films later she is still known for her bubby-damsel-in-distress-lovestruck like roles. So is her role in Raajneeti going to change people’s perception about her?

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Katrina’s debut in Kaizad Gustad’s 2003 movie Boom was a forgettable one. If the failure of the movie wasn’t enough, Kat also had a disadvantage of not knowing Hindi. This made the directors skeptical about casting her in their movies. Undeterred by the rejection, Katrina refused to give up, which shows that she is not just a pretty face. Over the years to come, Kat worked herself to the top, by taking vigorous Hindi lessons, dance classes, the whole nine yards and boy did it pay off!!

Of the 18 movies that she has done, most of them were Box-Office successes, and with a few more yet to release, the Half Indian Half Brit, raised in England, is living a dream and shows no sign of stopping. Whether it’s a 30 second advertisement or a feature length film, every move of hers shouts, “Stop whatever you are doing, I have arrived!”. Katrina Kaif along with Akshay Kumar, her lucky charm some would say, has given the audience unforgettable films and they still continue do so.

Kaif has come a long way; she has left an eternal imprint on the industry, established herself as an actress of caliber and bagged the heart, of one the most eligible bachelor Bollywood heartthrob and sexy bad boy Salman Khan. So what exactly is left for Kat to conquer?

Her latest movie, Rajneeti, answers it all. This political drama directed by the visionary and articulate genious, Prakash Jha, is all set to release on June 5. The movie also stars the charming Ranbir Kapoor, the polished Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal (fresh out of his recent National Award winning streak), underdog Manoj Bajpai, the iconic Nana Patekar, and the super sexy (well, atleast this reporter thinks so!) KK Menon. Phew!

So with this movie, is Katrina firing back at those, who thought she is capable of just bubble-gum movies? Or she is she trying to break away from the ‘Akshay-Katrina’ magic/money making kingdom? Or did she just sign the movie so that it falls easy on her still-not-perfected Hindi? There are many questions unanswered! But whatever it maybe, Katrina Kaif as a brand wont take a plunge even if her serious movie fails to impress the audience and the critics alike!

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 18 May, 2010
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