Katrina Kaif's Travel Plans Foiled | I don’t care if it is by train or boat. I’ve to get to London

Katrina Kaif’s Travel Plans Foiled

By Editor


On Thursday night the ash that drifted from the erupting volcano in Iceland enveloping major parts of Europe and paralyzing air traffic all the way to India, played havoc with Katrina’s travel plans.

In Bollywood Katrina Kaif was to travel to London on Thursday night to be with her family. She found herself stranded at Mumbai’s international airport waiting for the flights to resume. Alas, that was not to be. And the bitterly disappointed actress finally returned home to Mumbai.

Says Katrina, “It was a very important family function. And I had to attend. I never realized it’d be impossible to make it. When I reached the airport I came to know about what had happened. I was still not disheartened because I thought at the most, I’d be delayed. As I often am. When it comes to travel one learns to be patient at airports.”

Little did she realize that she would have to return home. Says Katrina, “Such things are bound to happen increasingly if we continue to abuse our environment. Personally I wouldn’t have minded missing the flight. But it was a very important family gathering. Not being part of it really hurts.” Until Sunday night, Katrina was desperately trying to find other means of traveling to London.

“I don’t care if it is by train or boat. I’ve to get to London.” She said frantically.

–Subhash K Jha / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 19 April, 2010
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