Katrina Kaif makes an album for the Sa Ra Ga Ma music company, called "Rhymeskool"

Katrina Kaif makes her music debut

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Of late, Katrina Kaif has been doing a lot of charities and she’s just recorded an album for the Sa Ra Ga Ma music company, called “Rhymeskool”. All proceeds from the album will go to building a school for children in Madurai.

Music executives are reportedly impressed by the actress’ singing skills and hope to record another one with her, this time the album being that of love songs.

As of now, fans will have to make do with an album featuring songs for kids. Katrina states that it’s a fun album for kids, something that she always wanted to do in order to deepen her connectivity with kids. She had a great time recording the numbers.

She believes that it’s important to make sure one’s charity efforts are well-utilized. She wants to help causes where she can see an immediate result and agreed to do the album as it’s going into building a toddlers’ school.

Recording songs for children has had a deep impact on the actress. She admits she would like to have children of her own. After working for 4-5 more years in the industry, she intends to get married and have babies.

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 27 April, 2010
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