Kareena Kapoor's E-Mail address got Hacked

Kareena Kapoor’s eMail Id Hacked

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Hackers have probably targeted Bollywood heroines this time!

Few days back, Bollywood item girl and actress Meghna Naidu’s email id was hacked by someone and now its turn of leading actress Kareena Kapoor to fall in the trap.

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After finishing the schedule of Agent Vinod, Kareena was returning from Morocco with her beau Saif Ali Khan and she got the ultimate shock to find her personal email id got hacked.

According to a source close to the actress, “Kareena could not manage time to check her emails as she had been busy with the shooting of Agent Vinod in Morocco. So, as soon as she was back to India, she tried to check her emails. But to her utter surprise, she was unable to log into her account after trying for several times. Then she suspected hacking. The hacked account is one of her oldest e-mail accounts so Kareena is very upset with the incident”.

However, Kareena has not filed any police complaint yet. The source added, “She is very busy with the shooting of Golmaal 3 so she did not get time for that. The matter is being looked into by her office and it will file a police complaint soon”.

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 16 July, 2010
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