Kareena Kapoor’s Candid Confessions

Kareena Kapoor’s Candid Confessions

By Lipika Varma


Kareena Kapoor enjoys playing the second fiddle in “We Are family”. Kareena’s character is much more appealing and challenging as she needs to convince the audiences as to why she chose to be the second fiddle? Yes, my character is a power-packed character. It is more challenging for me because being the second wife; I need to gather sympathy from my on lookers which is a very difficult job. But at the same time all those have watched my performances they find it spectacular indeed!”

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Talking about the adaptation of an English film she adds,” Actually, I had seen this film when I was very small. But one thing, I must tell you’ll that our films are canned on a different level when compared to the Hollywood Industry. We need to cater our audiences. “We are Family” has a totally Indian contemporary feel.”

She very modestly says,” I cannot be compared to Julia Roberts at any cost. She is what she is. But yeah! I have enjoyed doing this vivacious, bubbly and fresh character.”

Kareena has obtained sky rising accomplishments professionally and she is happy about it.” I have been blessed with different kind of roles that I have performed in my short span of life. Reminiscing her earlier film she adds,” Refuge has been a great film for me because it presented me in a different avatar. Acting is in my blood and I always cherished not to be presented as a glam doll only. Chameli is another milestone for me. At the tender age of 22, my folks thought that I may not be able to perform the pros’s role. But I performed it exuberantly. Three idiots is another film which is not a heroine oriented film but whatever I did people still remember it and say,” Dhokla kawu che “she laughs aloud.

Kareena’s size zero persona was the talk of the town. She fusses about and says,” Now I have put on a little weight. Does this not look better? I know the size zero media reports were endless. “

Further adding about the media reports she adds,” I do not get bugged with the media. As I feel they are doing their job. The best part is that I do not read the news papers but yes! My well wishers call me up and update me about the write ups.”

Coming to her lover boy Saif she says,” He is really very open minded. He has helped me in going ahead in my profession. He has never stopped me saying that you do not do this role or that role. For that matter of fact many-a- times he is not aware of the fact that I am doing a particular film. I have to update him with all that. Saif has always encouraged me professionally. “

Talking about being content in every relationship she adds,” To have a fulfilling love from every relationship makes me feel nice. Actually, we are a closely knit family and we have been taught the meaning of love and bondings right from our early age. I always care for my mom and my family which is always on the priority list. All relationships should be based on loyalty and trust. Yes! I am also happy to have a partner like Saif who is really a good human being.”

Talking about having visited Saif’s paternal home she adds,” Oh! It is a palatial house. Every important thing for the living has been rightly put up. I love to be with Saif’s mom too. I enjoy going to their place.”

Steering further to the relationship that she shares with Sanjay [Karishma’s hubby] she says,” Actually, I know him from the time I was a kid. He and I share a very lovely relationship he cares for me a lot.”

Whether Karishma’s kids are her favourites and if she has incorporated some of her experiences that she may have had with them to which she quips,” Infact I love them to death. Both her kids her very good looking. Praising the eyes of Karishma’s son [Kiaan] she adds,” He has exotic greenish and bluish eyes. He is already a lady killer. Well! I keep my personal and professional lives separate.

Coming back to Saif she adds,” Yes! I keep telling him that he should work with Raju Hirani once. Saif wants to do some different films. Our cinema has changed a lot. Contemporary norms have been incorporated in our films. Saif’s thinking is very much on the lines of Hollywood films. I enjoy every bit of my life time with him.”

Talking about her nature she comments,” Oh! I am a fun loving person. I have no regrets in life; God has bestowed upon me everything so very generously. I only have the hunger and I crave to have some more time so that I can give it to my family members. Yeah! I stole some time to be with Saif while he was shooting in London I made it up.”

Last but not the least praising Kajol she says,” Oh! She is a lovely person, Full of energy. I am honoured to have worked with her in KKKK and now in We are Family. She would be busy reading her books during breaks while we were shooting WRF, while I and Arjun enjoyed on some great vegetarian food. We are both foodies.”She concludes.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 28 August, 2010
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