» Karan Johar Owes his Cinematic Success to Aditya

Karan Johar Owes his Cinematic Success to Aditya

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Karan Johar, the maverick Bollywood film maker has made his own stand in the film-making industry. On the other hand, Aditya Chopra has his own base that is as strong as his. However, Karan refuses to accept any comparison between Aditya Chopra and himself.

Karan till today, maintains that the Chopras are the only reason as to why he became enamored with the cinema. He says that he owes his cinematic success to Aditya Chopra.

Karan Johar

He reveals that he would have been a fashion designer or something of that sort, if it wasn’t for the very thoughtful education on cinema that came from Yash Chopra. Mr.Chopra, he claims is like a father figure to him. He says that Yash Chopra’s son Aditya is his best buddy and someone whom he really admires as a source of his inspiration.

It’s thus sincerely hoped, that the upstarts have learnt a thing or two. They all need to learn a lesson in humility and respect the works by their peers.

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By Editor on 11 August, 2010
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