Kajol Sprains her Ankle During U Me Aur Hum Shoot

Kajol sprains her ankle

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According to Buzz18, a unit member says, “We shot the song Jee le on the cruise liner.

Ashley Lobo has done the choreography. Once while performing the number in the evening Kajol had to jump down from the upper deck and during the leap she fell down and sprained her ankle badly. The injury was aggravated by the five-inch heels she was wearing. Despite the injury, she took some painkillers and resumed shooting the very next day for the same shot with full vigor!”

Ajay Devgan, the director, elaborates, “I wanted a salsa sequence for the song as the script demanded it. It was an expensive shoot – with more than a 100 dancers and a crowd of about 600 people on the cruise.

Once Kajol is convinced about the script and the screenplay you don’t need to convince her about anything else. It was extremely brave and professional of her to finish the shoot despite her bad leg injury.”

Same reports are all over the net. Probably this is some kind of a publicity stunt by the U Me aur Hum PR. But something says to me that Kajol would not get into such cheap publicity tactics as she is one of the most professional actresses in Bollywood. Well, anything is possible in today’s Bollywood. By the way, what if she had sprained her ankle and finished the shoot? I think situations like these are very common in the movie industry. Moreover, she was just trying to save some money as the movie is her husband’s home production.Whatever happens, I still love Kajol, and I still hate Ajay Devgan for stealing her from me.

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By Editor on 27 February, 2008
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