Kajol dances hard despite pregnancy | Both Arjun and Kareena were part of the song

Kajol dances hard despite pregnancy

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She may be pregnant but that hasn’t deterred Kajol from working as hard as she does. While shooting for a song for Siddharth Malhotra’s remake of Stepmom, Kajol had to do some energetic dance steps. She had to be able to do as fine a job as Elvis Presley did in Jailhouse Rock, seeing as that was the song she was shooting for. The filmmakers have bought the rights to the song.

Kajol was a little worried about the dance steps affecting her health. She wasn’t too sure about the steps when choreographers Bosco and Ceaser showed them to her during rehearsals. She asked them to tone the steps down considerably.

The steps were changed as per her request but as the shoot went on, she started to enjoy it and as it is one of her favourite songs, she danced along with the rhythm of the song. Finally, she ended up doing something similar to what the choreographers had earlier planned.

The film team was naturally concerned and was very alert throughout. In one portion, she was supposed to dance on a piano. Though Kajol wasn’t worried about it, the unit was very protective. The director even suggested that the sequence could be done away with but Kajol had no qualms doing it.

In the film, Kajol plays Arjun Rampal’s ex-wife while Kareena plays his girlfriend. Both Arjun and Kareena were part of the song too.

According to the director, all of the actors have just put in their best into the song and they enjoyed shooting for it. He hopes that the fun they had while shooting is reflected when audiences see the song.

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 29 March, 2010
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One Comment on “Kajol dances hard despite pregnancy”

  • Fayyaz Bhutto says:

    This is the demise of a beautiful and talented actress at the hands of Ajay Devgan who is a nobody but somehow married Kajol. Kajol must have been a desperate woman to have married this Cockroach Ajay Devgan. I cannot see the sight of him with Kajol. She could have done a lot better to have married someone handsome like SRK, a perfect match but life is funny. The man she married looks like a “Bhangi”. Has absolutely no looks or talents but got the most beautiful woman in his bed. Since Kajol is pregnant again, I guess we shall never see her again. It is such a sad loss in the Indian film Industry. This SOB has killed Kajol or Kajol killed herself by choosing him as her husband. A very sad loss.