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John’s New Role Model is Aamir Khan

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John has found a perfect role model. And it’s Aamir Khan whose career strategies are rapidly becoming the most emulated in tinsel town.

Most of John’s friends and Bipasha Basu think he has given his career’s best performance in Abbas Tyrewala new love story earlier entitled 1-800-Love now called Call Me…Dil after the song in Tyrewala’s film. Now that the date for the film has been locked in — its October 15, John is setting aside a large chunk of the year just to nurture and promote what he considers to be the most important film of his career.

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John will personally supervise every aspect of the film release from publicity stills and posters to the chain of theatres to be selected, to the festivals that the film will be sent to before its commercial release.

If the diligent single minded release strategies remind you of a certain meticulous perfectionist of a Khan them the resemblance is certainly not coincidental. John is definitely inspired by Aamir, and he has no qualms in admitting it.

In fact, now for the first time in his entire career, John is working with a PR agency…and surprise surprise! It’s the same agency that Aamir Khan has been working with for some years now.

Apparently John was keen to release his Abbas Tyrewala love story during Aamir’s magical Christmas week. But the producers who have already suffered huge losses because of the postponements, couldn’t wait that long.

And now the hunt is on to find a new title for the film with the magical word ‘Dil’ in it. The word ‘Dil’ has always been super-lucky for Aamir. Remember Indra Kumar’s Dil, Mahesh Bhatt’s Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin and Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Chahta Hai?

John confirms that his film directed by Abbas Tyrewala is indeed likely to have a title with the word ‘Dil’ in it.

Since the film’s director and producer are both close to Aamir (Tyrewala’s debut film Jaane Tu….Ya Jaane Na was produced by Aamir and producer Madhu Mantena’s blockbuster Ghajini starred Aamir) they’ve no objections whatsoever to John’s Operation Aamir.

That isn’t all. Apparently like Aamir, John has decided to stay away from all awards function, in India and abroad. Though he makes it clear he’s friendly with all the awardees he has also made it known that he won’t attending any of the awards functions.

John confirms all his Aamir-inspired marketing manoeuvres. “Aamir is truly inspiring in the way he conducts his career. And his success ratio is mindboggling. Who wouldn’t want to follow in his footsteps? I certainly do. And I’m trying. In my own humble way I’ve been repeatedly taking risks with my career. Like Aamir I don’t believe in staying in the comfort zone. As for awards, I think the endorsement that your performance gets from the audience provides more satisfaction for an actor than anything else.”

–Subhash K Jha/ Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 6 July, 2010
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