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John Abraham to Produce a Film on Soccer

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Bollywood actor John Abraham’s love for bikes and football is known to all his fans. His off screen desire has been fulfilled on screen by his films Dhoom, where he is a biker and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, in which he plays a football player for Southall.

Now, the actor wants to produce a film on soccer, which he has been planning for the last two years. A diehard football lover John said that he wishes to produce a film based on any possible sport in the earth.

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The Bollywood hunk said, “My earlier movie on football Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007) could not make it big at the box office. The reason may be it that it was not set in India but in Southall. I thoroughly enjoy the emotions on the sports field, and love to explore the angst, victory, loss and jealousy on field. I want to present the different connotations of the world of sports.”

John will soon come up with a staff-driven production company and then he plans to make some entertaining movies. He added, “I will make films, where I can act. I don’t like to pretend doing something I don’t believe in.”

The actor wants to make his football movie as interesting and enjoyable as the 1981 movie, Escape To Victory and the 2000 released The Titans.

The football fever is high in his veins now with the FIFA World Cup going on. He has watched all the matches till now. John added, “My favorite team is Argentina as I am a fan of their coach Diego Maradona. I hope the team wins.”

–Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 28 June, 2010
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