» Is Abhishek being made the Scapegoat for Raavan’s Failure?

Is Abhishek being made the Scapegoat for Raavan’s Failure?

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There has to be something really flawed about a film which is based on ‘Ramayana’, has Mani Ratnam at the helm of affairs, stars the Bachchan couple, boasts of music by A.R. Rahman and has the who’s-who from the technical department. Still, ‘Raavan’ hasn’t worked with the audience. We analyse why!

Abhishek Bachchan

Boring narrative?

Everyone understands that ‘Ramayana’ was about the triumph of good over evil. As an audience you are prepared to see what is going to unfold. But pray, why make it all so boring? This is where ‘Raavan’ falters because a one dimensional storyline just doesn’t translate into a two hour film, which could hold your attention. All one gets to see is every actor in the film getting wet in the jungle and slipping or running through the rough terrain.

Abhishek’s character – The weak link?

As for the lead actors, Abhishek Bachchan has definitely tried hard. In fact one can clearly sense that he has followed Mani’s directions to the T and done whatever was asked of him. However, if the attempt was to bring the split personality side of his persona out, than sadly, it fails totally. It’s the character which fails here, not Abhishek as an actor.

Aishwarya’s character – Contradictory?

Aishwarya’s character is full of contradictions. Does she wish to end her life? Or does she not? Is the Stockholm’s syndrome catching up with her? Is she falling for ‘Raavan’? Does she really get to her husband in the end? Well, you don’t quite get it.

Confusing plot?

One never knows whether the outlaw (Abhishek Bachchan) is a Naxal, militant, rebel or something else? Yes, he the messiah of tribals but as it turns out, the entire drama revolves more around the personal enmity that he has with the cop (Vikram). But what about the bigger picture? Whatever happened to the entire Naxal angle? And if personal cause was supposed to be the driver of this entire episode, why have a Naxal angle at all? After all, the outlaw could well have been a corporate executive and that wouldn’t have made any difference to the film at all.

-Joginder Tuteja/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 23 June, 2010
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