» Indian television queen loves American television!

Indian television queen loves American television!

By Editor


ekta kapoorEkta Kapoor, who is known as the queen of Indian television, is the one, who has changed the small screen industry completely. It was a shocking discovery when we found out, that she, who has produced so many promising TV serials, is least interested in watching Indian television. To know about her genuine reasons, read more.

She says, “I really don’t watch anything on television, not even my own shows (laughs). But I have a reason for it, whenever I start watching a show; I start discussing the sets, the story of that show and hence don’t get the relaxation and peace of mind. So, even if I watch Indian television, I don’t get entertained, which is supposed to be the main reason for watching television. So usually, I prefer American television over Indian TV shows.”

“In American television, I don’t have to use my brains much or get involved with them, so I just relax and unwind by watching them.” signs off Ekta Kapoor.

Hope you’re reading, audience. Ekta Kapoor – the queen of Indian television doesn’t watch Indian television herself.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 13 May, 2010
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