» “I leave sexy, peppy and foot tapping numbers for Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra” Raveena

“I leave sexy, peppy and foot tapping numbers for Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra” Raveena

By Lipika Varma


raveena tandonRaveena Tondon seems to have done a little of her duties as a mother and a house wife. Her kids seem to manage with themselves not totally but yes, so much so that she can make a come back into her bollywood profession. The National Award-winning actress is back to pursuing her acting career after her marriage with film distributor, Anil Thadani, in 2004. So it’s Agni-The Fire, being Directed by Rajeev Walia, Produced by V. Kumar.

Raveena answers to a volley of questions in a brief chit-chat with Lipika Varma

What is more tough is it your profession or a house wife’s job?

Truly speaking it is a house-wife’s job which is never ending. At-least, when you are working you have to finish your household affairs before your office reporting time. It is really very tough to manage house hold affairs. Now since my kids are slightly grown up hence I decided to do a film. But we as women are concerned about our family members that are above our profession. Look at Hema Malini, Dimple who are still doing films striking a balance between family and profession.

Highlight on the character of your film? And, why a comeback with this kind of a film?

The film is based on a woman oriented subject, meaningful hence is close to my heart. This woman is fighting for women empowerment. In a remote area where women are deprived of their rights this woman tries her utmost to bring about changes in the life of women by demanding their rights. Playing this character, I raise a voice against certain social abuse.Which is carried under the pretext of our culture [parampara]. “The story of the film is set in rural Rajasthan. So I have been given the get-up according to that. Although the film is not like ‘Godmother’, it is the story of a woman who raises her voice against orthodox traditions,” said Tandon

On choosing this kind of a role?

Actually, I act in such off beat subjects during my first stint .If you guys remember I started doing films pertaining to women empowerment and certain different kind of films which could not be stated as commercial films. I had taken a conscious decision of choosing such films. Refreshing her films she names them-“My role in Shool which saw me in a totally transformed Raveena. This deglam role of a cop’s wife was something the industry did not expect from me. But this role got me characters in Daman, Ghulam-E-Mustafa -“Aks”. I remember this transformation was not digested by the industry at the initial stage. But later on I was tagged with the term as good actress.

On her come back– I feel honored and derive pleasure in being re-associated to the film fraternity in such a respectable and dignified manner. I have been getting many offers from quite sometime now. I re-entered my profession through Television as I felt at that point of time I was comfortable with the small screen. Now, with Agni the fire I have made a come back and feel that this is the most appropriate film for my come back.

Well !what about the commercial films and especially sexy numbers like” Tu cheez Badi hai mast mast” and many more that you sizzled on. Will you be doing them?

As you see everyone has to undergo different phases in their life. I have to enact characters which would suit me. Regarding the sexy,peppy and foot tapping numbers TCBMM… I leave it for Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.” She adds

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 15 May, 2010
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