» “I keep my personal relationships aside” – Anees Bazmee on casting Sonam

“I keep my personal relationships aside” – Anees Bazmee on casting Sonam

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Quite a few eye brows were raised when it was announced that Sonam Kapoor would be starring opposite none other than Akshay Kumar in ‘Thank You’. With two box office flops (‘Saawariya’ and ‘Delhi 6’) behind her, a film like ‘Thank You’ was quite a huge leap for Sonam considering the fact that not just does she have Akshay for a co-star, she also has Anees Bazmee as a director.

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Stating the reason behind signing Sonam, Bazmee says, “I haven’t seen her ‘Saawariya’ till date but I have seen her ‘Delhi 6’. I found her quite good in that and she came across as someone who is really vibrant, natural and very attractive. While casting for ‘Thank You’, I wasn’t thinking about whether she has played a comic role in her earlier films or not. I just believed that she would fit into ‘Thank You’ as per the requirement of the script. I am quite assured that she would do justice to ‘Thank You’.”

Having said that, the fact remains that his closeness with Kapoors is a known fact. He has directed ‘No Entry’, ‘No Problem’ and ‘It’s My Life’ with brothers and producers Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Sanjay Kapoor respectively. In fact, Anil Kapoor has also acted in his ‘No Entry’, ‘Welcome’, and ‘No Problem’.

Since the Kapoors and Bazmee are considered to be a part of one big family, it is widely speculated that Sonam may well have found a place in ‘Thank You’ due to this being ‘all in the family’ affair.

“Sonam is indeed ghar ki bachchi”, says Bazmee fondly, “I won’t deny that she is someone who belongs to my own house. But then this can never be the reason for me to rope in any actor. I am very professional in that sense. Main kabhi nahi kehta ki kyonki yeh mujhse close hai, isse meri film mein hona chahiye.”

Further elaborating on his casting decisions, Bazmee says, “I can go to a party, have tea and chat with people but I feel that if a family friend whom I meet there doesn’t suit my film, I won’t cast him or her. There are good expectations from me as a director, especially after my last three films (Singh Is Kinng, Welcome, No Entry). I have to ensure that my personal relationships are kept aside when it comes to casting decisions.”

That should set the records straight and stop the rumour mongers from spreading any more imaginative tales.

– Rudhir Burman / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 11 May, 2010
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