» “I can never come across cheap”: Lara Dutta on her Style Qoutient

“I can never come across cheap”: Lara Dutta on her Style Qoutient

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A young woman who is perhaps the best in the business when it comes to comedy and can also sizzle on screen in the best of the designer outfits. Now that’s Lara Dutta for you, an Ex-Miss Universe, who is currently in seventh year of her professional career and is all positive about playing a long innings for years to come. What makes Lara confident about this continued run? Well, her ‘mantra’ of constantly reinventing herself.

Lara Dutta

“It’s as simple as that. I don’t want to just sit down and say that I have been a model in the past and a Miss Universe with some good Bollywood hits behind me so I should just sit back and bask in that glory. Sorry, there is no point in doing that. I have been enjoying a certain standing right throughout my career and I am not going to let anyone down”, says Lara whose sole release this year, Housefull, was a success story at the box office.

She is also one of the few leading ladies who have managed to carry off the skimpiest of outfits without even looking vulgarity. No wonder, it’s the style sense factor that has come in handy here.

“Thankfully, I can never comes across as someone who is cheap because of the kind of mentality that I have”, she reasons, “So even if I am playing a bunny in Housefull or walking around on the beach in Blue, there would be a certain sophistication to my attire. I want my audience to react positively to me and thankfully, so far the reactions have been heart-warming enough to make me feel good that I am doing things right”.

While she couldn’t quite get into an action avtar in Blue, she could well be kicking some butt in the sequel to Shahrukh Khan’s Don if the reports of her being signed for the film are indeed true.

“For me, reinvention is the name of the game”, says Lara, “It has always been the case. For my role in Blue, I had to be fit and be in perfect shape since the role required good deal of underwater sequences. Now that’s not something that you normally see a girl to be doing. Then again in Housefull, I had to be totally glam even though I played the role of a wife. All these films have helped a great deal for me personally”.

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By Editor on 6 August, 2010
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