Hrithik Roshan opts to wear hats in “Kites”

Hrithik opts to wear hats in “Kites”

By Lipika Varma


Nation’s heartthrob Hrithik Roshan who will soon be turning an International star too, speaks with Lipika Varma and reveals the fashion quotient of his upcoming film and highlights his character. How he is all set to turn rich. So is it …rags to riches kind of a story? Hear what Hrithik has to say.

hrithik roshan stills from movie kites

A sensational dancer, exuberant performer with a killers look… It won’t be too much if we say Hrithik is the perfect package carved with an awesome intelligence, and what not! The almighty God did all this in his spare time. Hrithik’s personality defines fashion from whatever it carries each day. Last four movies- all hits- the  handsome hunk seems to be on a roll and wishes to make it five in a row with Kites – a feat that only Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna can boast of (yeah, not even lover boy SRK).

Hrithik walked in, in a pair of basic blue denims with a worn out look, crisp white shirt with collars well done and top two buttons open to reveal that plunging male cleavage. Ordering a coffee for himself, he got straight to business, talking at length about his look in Kites- “There are two looks, a leaner, cleaner street casual look and then there is a grim one with earthy and sober shades- well complemented by a stubble.” The stubble look is because there is time lapse in the movie, which means the movie will run in flash back and flash forward, interspersed with the current day. Don’t think hard, instead “watch it, you’ll know”, as Hrithik urges.

Ask him to talk about the kind of clothes that he is wearing and he tries hard before brusquely stating, “Isn’t it obvious from the rushes and the trailers and from what you all have seen on the internet?” Correcting his tone, he quickly remarked modestly- “I am not a very fashion conscious person (yet, unconsciously, he inspires it!) Hence, I wouldn’t know the technical jargons…but I’ll tell you one thing that others won’t know just yet, I Love to wear Hats in the movie!”

Did Hrithik try to design his own dresses?”Actually I would draw sketches and give it to Suneet. I am not a fashion freak but whatever I would gather with my wits I used to discuss it with Suneet through sketches.

Praising designer Suneet Verma Hrithik adds,” He has designed the costumes for the movie. “He is an honest man, ours is an honest film; it made a perfect combo. In fact, Suzzanne and I have liked his clothes so much that we keep wearing them even off screen.”

Hrithik very simply says,” Me and papa-Rakesh Roshan have no ego hassels at all. Any differences with director Anuraag  Basu, we may have had differences  which were creative indeed .”

Highlighting the story he quips ,”.Story-wise, Kites is a tale of love, betrayal and wants. Narrates Hrithik, “They call me ‘J’. He is a guy brought up in (Las) Vegas, is a loner, a street punk, has got the gift of the gab, a smooth talker and has his way with things. But he is also poor and thinks that earning money is the solution to all his woes. He meets the love of his life and together they embark upon a journey those jet-sets them on a thrilling experience.”

Twisted han? We have the inside report. Natasha (Mori) plays the mistress of a Mafia don and finds true love in ‘J’ Hrithik. The two sprint away after allegedly robbing the Vegas Casino of a hefty 2 million USD…they also attempt a bank robbery and find themselves on the wrong side of the law, needless to say that the mafia was already thirsty for their blood. They are left to die in the Mexican desert and the climax, reportedly, sees the two commit suicide by jumping off the cliff. In the middle of all this, where and how does Kangana fit in, we don’t know, but a tip off suggests that she brings in a weak love triangle in the movie (yes or no?). Time will tell. You guys need to wait and watch.

Last but not the least will Hrithik not romance the bollywood Divas? As he seems to be getting International offers? Nothing has yet been finalized officially. I go by the script. If I get scripts worthwhile in Bollywood or Hollywood I am open to them. In short it is not a conscious effort that I wanna turn to English films and English actors. All depends on me liking the scripts.” He confesses honestly.

-Lipika Varma

Check out the stills of Hrithik, Barbara Mori and Kangana from the movie Kites.

By Lipika Varma on 13 May, 2010
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