Himesh Reshammiya Hopes To Bang Again With Upcoming Film Kajraare

Himesh Hopes To Bang Again With Upcoming Film Kajraare

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Himesh was a rage once upon a time. His ‘suroor’ took him a long way and we could hear his voice being played from night clubs to the local ‘rickshawwalas’.

himesh reshammiya

But, it seems the popularity has faded with time and these days he seems to be maintaining a low profile. His Radio was a super flop at the box office and seems that Himesh’s acting graph has not really caught up the way his singing did once upon a time.

But Himesh is back and this time with the Bhatt camp. His upcoming film Kajraare is already creating hype with the promos just released. The film’s script has been written by Mahesh Bhatt and it has been directed by Pooja Bhatt. Himesh has gone for a drastic makeover and will be seen opposite Mona Laizza. The film has been shot at exotic locations in Jordan. According to Himesh, this film is completely different from his previous films and Pooja has presented him in a very tasteful manner.

Himesh believes that this film will get him all the good fortune that he once enjoyed in the industry. According to him this film will shine bright at the box office as the Bhatt camp has always managed to strike a chord with the audience.

Himesh has also composed the music of the film and says that the music is ‘path breaking’. Well, we can just hope that the film too proves to be path breaking and brings back the good luck to Himesh!

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By Editor on 27 May, 2010

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3 Comments on “Himesh Hopes To Bang Again With Upcoming Film Kajraare”

  • Hansal Jani says:

    Sir, you must have faith on GOD. you have done a lot of hard work for kajraare movie. any verdict that you will get for the kajraare movie, will be issued to by the will of GOD. and GOD will definately do good for you. I think that GOD will give you very good news for the kajraare movie.

  • Hansal jani says:

    all the songs’ videos and trailer of Kajraare movie look to be shot perfectly and brilliantly. Kajraare seems a very nice movie. Few to some detractors are saying bad about kajraare movie. I hope that it is not going to make any difference to the fate of the kajraare movie. At the release date, only the God’s will or wish would win for the Kajraare movie. God is truly great and true justice.

  • Hansal jani says:

    God will be true judge who will decide the fate of kajraare movie correctly at the release date,during and after the release date