» Hard Work, Talent Destiny, luck all these things Play an important part in our Survival as Actors – Salman Khan

Hard Work, Talent Destiny, luck all these things Play an important part in our Survival as Actors – Salman Khan

By Lipika Varma


Salman Khan enacted as a Police Inspector in “Gaarv” and “Wanted but playing a police officer in Dabanng as Chulbul Pandey, Salman will portray a different police officer. Being “fearless, corrupt, lovable and a bad-ass Robin Hood.” This is an action, entertainment and a full on drama based film. The story of the film is fictitious. It is not based on any Police officer. I have not been to Uttar-Pradesh or Bihar. I shall be going now while we will promote the film.” He goes on to add Arbaaz Khan did not want me to show my six packs coz it would definitely look like a fake P.I. nor he wanted me to show a flat stomach. All he wanted me to have a big paunch so I kept eating and eating.”

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Talking about Sonu Sood, he gushes laughingly,” Sonu was very keen to match my six packs so he would always be in Gym exercising. Whenever, I would see him in the gym, I would tell him, ’Kar beta exercise, Maar toh tujhe he khani hai.” Do exercise as much you want. Finally you will get all the thrashings!]

The name Chulbul suggests “full of life so in real how chulbula you are? Smiles,” Bahut… Chulbulein hain hum.

Talking about Sonakshi who debuts with this film. And updating- Why Sonakshi? He quips, “I am acquainted to the family for very long. She belongs to the bollywood industry. Even if she did not belong to the Industry, I would have opted for her as she suits the character. And she has done a good job. She was not at all nervous.

Well! Why the change in the production house from Sohail Khan to Arbaaz Khan? Actually this story was brought to me by Arbaaz. Some one else was planning to produce this film but a little later when Arbaaz came to me, I read the story and liked it. So I thought of producing the film.” The film is larger than life. So when I entered the budget increased. well! All in the family the comfort zone essentially becomes great. We had fights over creative differences but it was sorted out. ”

Coming to the budget Salman adds,” Actually with my entry, the budget increased. As the film is larger than life and also with action and drama involved, in it , we had to get a good level of Music. Essentially, film making involves a lot of money. Also we look forward to improve every bit in making for which we need finances. But after the excellent outcome there is no looking back but rejoicing.”

So what pay pack will Salman get towards the acting in the film? Nothing, Instead mera sab paisa gharch ho gaya haen![ All the money has been spent instead]smiles.

Salman is working with new directors and home production special reasons for not working with directors from the industry off late? Yeah! Those directors fear me. They fear that I may come late and not complete their film on time. Also I will try to push things what I feel is great and blah …blah…But let me tell you one thing, all the films from my production house is being completed within a year or two. There is no delay in the release. Film making needs thorough involvement. It is no kid’s job after all.

Further comparing the earlier times and now what difference does he find in cinema.” Production value has changed. Sensible people have taken over the industry. It is good to be progressive. The contribution varies from actor to actor. With the rise in multiplex budget sensibility has also gone to a higher level. With the introduction of ufo the release though becomes easy. Our audiences have also changed over the years.

Talking about survival of the fittest, how does he manage?”Yes! I do agree there is a lot of cut throat competition in the film industry. Why forget bitching…he smiles. I must confess that hard work, talent destiny, luck all these things play an important part in our survival as actors. I would only say we should be away from any wrong doings and wrong thinking. We need to be in competition but without any prejudice.

Talking about relationship he adds,” Family support is very important.  Ya! at times relationship goes sour. While at one time we may be friendly to a person but at another time the relationship may change. All happens given a particular situation. This is life. This happens in everyone’s normal life. We are all normal beings. At all levels I always want that the films of my peers should do well. All of us are here to survive. I only detest bitching and I personally feel bitching should not be supported at any cost.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 24 August, 2010
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