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From Hero to Zero, in Twitter

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twitter logoTwitter has been the most open social networking site for common men as well as for the celebrities. No other platform has been as successful in bringing the Bollywood actors out in the open. They speak their hearts out here and the fans love interacting with them virtually.

Big Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, veteran Anupam Kher and even the perfectionist Amir Khan are seen tweeting often. They have a huge fan following which makes them proud. But what happens, when our heros find no fan following them, suddenly, one day?

On Tuesday, the micro blogging site Twitter remained non-functional for about two and a half hours. This disturbance overlapped with the launch of a new feature, called ‘Twitter Places’ which will allow the users to highlight tweets around a given location.

The worst sufferers were the Bollywood celebrities, who discovered that they had no followers after the incident. In her tweets, Sophie Choudhury said, “In a second, Twitter turned them into zeros from heroes.”

The long list of fans vanished and the celebrities lost their followers. Salman Khan showed his concern about them. The actor tweeted, “I hope that all my industry colleagues are okay with their so called shattered egos.”

The site has said that Twitter may face other technical problems too. But, it is trying its best to avoid the downtime during the World Cup matches.

In a blog post, Twitter spokesman Sean Garrett said, “Last October has been the worst month for Twitter from the perspective of stability and service. We are trying to offer greater stability when it receives a record number of tweets.”

He added, “Twitter will become more trustworthy in the coming days as we are making the necessary changes. We realize that there has been a negative impact on account of the disturbances and we are not happy with it. However, we look forward to the good things, ahead.”

We hope that our Bollywood celebrities get back their followers very soon and the cordial bond becomes even more stronger!

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 16 June, 2010
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