» Four talented music composers sing for Paathshaala movie

Four talented music composers sing for Paathshaala movie

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It is rare to see four of Bollywood’s talented music composers come together to be a part of a film. But this was what Hanif Shaikh; the music composer of Eros International & Shaira Khan’s ‘Paathshaala’ did while creating the music for the Shahid Kapoor starrer.

With his beautiful compositions and touching lyrics, Hanif was successful in roping in some of the greatest talents such as Lucky Ali, Salim Merchant, Vishal Dadlani and Kailesh Kher to sing for the movie.

Music Composer Salim Merchant who has composed music for movies such as Fashion along with brother Suleiman was really excited to sing the song titled ‘Aye Khuda’ for the movie as it was being produced by good friend Ahmed Khan’s wife Shaira.

A source revealed that when Lucky Ali, a longtime and very close friend of Ahmed Khan heard Hanif sing one of the songs named ‘Bekaraar’, he completely fell in love with it and immediately said that he would love to sing the song for the movie.

Vishal Dadlani also instantly agreed to sing a song named ‘Khushnnuma’ after he heard the film’s story. Vishal loves kids & was really touched after hearing the script that highlighted the plight of children these days and felt it was the best way to show his support to such a noble project.

Kailash Kher has lent his soulful voice to a slow number called ‘Teri Marzi’. A source from the film says that Kailash was so touched by the lyrics and the composition of the song that the singer cum musician had tears in his eyes after he sang it.

Even composer Hanif Shaikh has sung a song along with singer Tulsi Kumar for the film’s album.

Commenting on this, Hanif says, “All praise to Allah but assembling all these wonderful singers for the album wouldn’t have been possible without Ahmed Khan’s help. I am really thankful to him for giving me such a big platform in Paathshaala. I hope audiences enjoy listening to the music as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it”.

Well, looking at the enthusiastic response to ‘Aye Khuda’ & ‘Bekaraar’, we can surely say that Hanif’s hard work will surely pay off!

Directed by Milind Ukey, Paathshaala opens in theatres on April 16th.

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 5 April, 2010
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