Feature: ‘Raavan’ Jokes Flood Mobiles and Web World

Feature: ‘Raavan’ Jokes Flood Mobiles and Web World

By Editor


Just as it happens with all the films that suffer from a poor word of mouth, ‘Raavan’ too, is now bearing the brunt of it all. With poor reviews from critics not helping the cause, the only place where this Mani Ratnam directed film is catching momentum is the world of Internet where it is the butt of many jokes. Twitter, Facebook, SMS – the jokes are all over which is not quite helping the cause much.


Here are some of the most popular ones which are finding far more positive word of mouth than the film itself:

‘I watched Raavan on my computer. There were RAM issues’

‘Raavan should not have been released in Gujarat. After all, it’s a dry state, no?’

And this one is an absolute killer:

‘The Raavonous Ten heads of Bollywood’s ‘Hall of Evil’ fame:

1. H S Rawail ki ‘Deedaar E Yaar’

2. Boney Kapoor ki ‘Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja’

3. Subhash Ghai ki ‘Yaadein’

4. Aditya Chopra ki ‘Tashan’

5. Rajkumar Santoshi ki ‘China Gate’

6. Sanjay Leela Bhansali ki ‘Saawariya’

7. Abhishek Bachchan ki ‘Drona’

8. Aamir khan ki ‘Mann’

9. RGV ki ‘Aag’

and now

10. Mani Ratnam ki ‘Raavan”

One can only expect the list to grow……

-Joginder Tuteja/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 21 June, 2010
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