» Divya Dutta being kept under wraps in ‘Hello Darling’ Promotion

Divya Dutta being kept under wraps in ‘Hello Darling’ Promotion

By Lipika Varma


The latest cat-out-of-the-box is pertaining to Mukta Arts’ upcoming film HELLO DARLING and the fact being that yet she seems nowhere in promotion of the film but actress Divya Dutta is a part of the movie ‘Hello Darling’. Yes, the movie has Divya Dutta playing the role of a Gujrati housewife to actor Javed Jaffrey whereas in entire promotion of the film, only the three glam girls, Gul Panag, Eesha Koppikar Narang and Celina Jailtly and Javed Jaffrey are visible. Be it hoardings, posters of the film TV Promos or news items Divya’s presence is just negligible. There is no enmity or personal grudge involved in it but all a part of the planned publicity. It was a conscious call from the Director and Producer of the film to keep Divya hidden in the publicity, because they felt it is one of the most important characters in the film and basis for the story to excel.

Divya Dutta in Hello Darling

The makers of the film wanted to keep their audience engrossed with surprise and while filming only it was decided that Divya’s character will not be exposed much.

HELLO DARLING is a film about three young, beautiful, smart girls (Gul Panaag, Eesha Koppikhar Narang and Celina Jaitley) who work in a fashion design company in Mumbai. Each are targets of their lusty boss (Javed Jaffery) who eventually manages to trap them all a sticky situation in which all three are made to dance to his tunes. They must find ways to wriggle out of his control and unite to cook up their own scheme to be free of him and his notorious intentions once and for all.

Who outsmarts whom is the basis of this fun filled hilarious comedy and that’s where Divya’s character comes in to limelight. Divya plays the role of ‘Purvi bhain’ in the movie.

This is the first time when Divya will be seen in a ‘Gujju’ avatar. So it would be prefect to suggest here that the actress is on a roll.


By Lipika Varma on 25 August, 2010
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