» Dance On Westminster Bridge For John Abraham, First Film Unit To Ever Do So

Dance On Westminster Bridge For John Abraham, First Film Unit To Ever Do So

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This week, John Abraham will be the first film actor from any part of the world to shoot on the mythic Westminster Bridge in the heart of London.

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How to keep the NRI oglers at bay? That’s the question which hounds the director, Abbas Tyrewala, as the unit gathers in London in nail-biting suspense.

On one of the given dates, the Westminster Bridge, forever buzzing with activity, will be cordoned off for a historic romantic shot, in the most virgin film locale available to a crew. Between May 11 and 13—the exact date and time not being revealed to avoid an avalanche of NRIs creating a stampede—John Abraham will get ultra-romantic with his co-star Pakhi at one of London’s most scenic and tourist-friendly locations, the Westminster Bridge which stands over the legendary River Thames.

Though some British and Hollywood films have been shot on the bank of the River Thames, no Indian or international unit has ever been granted permission to shoot on the Westminster Bridge covering the River Thames.

Informs John, “The idea is to shoot in places in London that are unexposed. Apart from the Westminster Bridge, we’ll also shoot at the Marble Arch and Jubilee Park. We want the London visible in our film to look different. Otherwise, we’ve been to London so many times for Bollywood films that our audiences know almost every inch of the city by heart.”

Incidentally, when Londoners flock to greet John, he turns around to introduce his unrecognizable co-star Pakhi as ‘The star of tomorrow’. “Take her autograph, not mine,” he urges fans.

– Subhash K. Jha / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 13 May, 2010
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