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Chitrangada has Trouble with the Guitar

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After Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi was a success, Sudhir Mishra has teamed up with his protégée Chitrangada Singh once again for his latest film Dil Darbadar, which also stars Irrfan Khan in the lead. Chitrangada’s role in the film is that of a struggling rockstar.

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According to sources, the actress shot two songs for the film which required her to strum an electric guitar. Chitrangada reportedly just couldn’t get the hang of holding the guitar right and wasted almost an entire night doing retakes.

Apparently, Chitrangada had trouble holding the guitar right which indicated that she wasn’t comfortable with it. But she had to do it right as she plays a rockstar.

Sudhir, who is generally very fond of her, lost his temper. He didn’t scold her but he made his irritation apparent.

Chitrangada states that there was some misunderstanding while shooting the songs, but it was merely a difference of opinion. Sudhir’s interpretation of the character was different from hers, but she claims that he didn’t scream at her.

She reveals that she has never played the guitar so there were some issues, but she got it right eventually. She had even taken a few guitar lessons before shooting the songs.

According to Sudhir Mishra people mistook their debate for a fight. He expresses that they share a relationship where they can say anything at all to each other. He also stated that Chitrangada took lessons for two months before coming on the sets and she played it very well.

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By Editor on 4 May, 2010
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