Celina Jaitley is Engaged to Dubai Based Hotelier

Celina Jaitley is Engaged to Dubai Based Hotelier

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Contrary to reports which claimed that she had already tied the knot with Peter Haag, a hotelier from Dubai, Celina Jaitley is presently only engaged to him! In a statement to the media, the actress says that the engagement took place during the Durga Puja celebrations at her home in Mumbai. Celina Jaitley laughs off the rumors of her supposed wedding in Dubai and says that her parents were very much aware of the fact that she was dating Peter Haag for a period of ten months now and therefore, there was practically no need for a secret wedding.

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Celina Jaitley is known to have shared failed relationships with a number of men in the past, most of whom were also foreigners. Peter Haag may be one among them, but it finally seems that love has struck the light-eyed girl who says that she will marry her fiancé in the near future. A friend of the actress confirmed to the media that Celina Jaitley has been in and out of India lately, her visits mostly being to Dubai where Peter Haag works. In fact, the couple also spent the Christmas and New Year vacations together.

Now that she is engaged, everyone will be eagerly waiting for Celina Jaitley to tie the knot. The actress says that her sore knee, for which she also had to undergo an operation, her advertising projects and Bollywood schedules will keep her busy for a while, and signs off announcing that Peter Haag is the man she has decided to settle with.

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By Editor on 4 January, 2011
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