» Bollywood Star Salman Khan Faces the Wrath of SIFCC

Bollywood Star Salman Khan Faces the Wrath of SIFCC

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Bollywood star Salman Khan has been the favorite child of controversy. He has been in the news always for some controversy or the other. This time, the actor has earned the trouble by choosing Sri Lanka over Mauritius to shoot his next film Ready.

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The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) was already against other Bollywood stars attending the IIFA awards function in Sri Lanka. However, they stepped back from their decision to boycott the actors.

Recently, while participating in IIFA celebration, Salman was very much impressed by the scenic beauty of the country. So, he approached the makers of his upcoming film Ready to change the shoot location from Mauritius to Sri Lanka and they were convinced.

However, this decision of the actor did not go well with the SIFC, which is fuming. SIFC is now planning to launch a non-cooperation motion against the film Ready.

L Suresh, the General Secretary of SIFCC stated, “We will go for a non-cooperation motion against the film, if the news turns out to be true.”

He added, “Now, we are going to act against only those, who shoot their films in Sri Lanka. We are not interested in creating problems for the distributors and producers.

Recently, Salman Khan was sent a letter from the Tamil Film community informing him of their decision but the actor did not accept it.

Big names of the Tamil film industry such as Kaman Hassan, Rajnikanth, Ajith, Vijay and Surya, did not participate in the IIFA.

The reaction of the SIFCC will be significant as Salaman Khan’s film Dabang is all set to hit the theaters in September 2010. Will they act against this film of the actor too?

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By Editor on 21 June, 2010
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