» Bollywood Beauties Battle for Woody

Bollywood Beauties Battle for Woody

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Fierce competition is an everyday story in Bollywood; it is an essential to survive. But Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya have taken this age old saga to a whole new level i.e. global level, to Cannes. Recently it was learned that the beautiful Aishwarya Rai had captured the attention of acclaimed director Woody Allen, but then the leggy beauty Deepika stunned the world with her figure hugging sexy sari. And since then there has been no stopping the media and the Hollywood agents from having a piece of her.

deepika padukone

Naturally, Woody was awestruck with this beauty and has expressed a desire to meet her, Aishwarya, who earlier had a talk with Woody about a new film of his, feels threatened by Woody’s current infatuation with her.

Earlier the beauty queens were also battling it out for the best dressed, with Deepika opting for Indian ethnic wear and Aishwarya going western with a gown.

Deepika is being bombarded by messages from Hollywood agents, many of them stating Woody Allen’s desire to meet her; however Deepika could not stay longer to bask in the glory, because she had a commitment back home.

One cannot say if this a rumor or the truth, because everyone knows the media’s specialty of cooking up spicy dishes and battle between these two is sure to make a interesting field day for the media.

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By Editor on 24 May, 2010
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