» Bipasha: “Dhoni’s Wedding was Planned”

Bipasha: “Dhoni’s Wedding was Planned”

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Contrary to rumors that cricketer Dhoni decided to get married on the spur of the moment Bipasha Basu, a close friend of the cricketer, says the wedding was planned months in advance.

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Says Bipasha, “The wedding on Sunday night was all planned. But no one was supposed to know about it. Whatever the truth, we must all be happy for the couple. It’s party time!”

Alas, Bipasha’s party for Dhoni’s wedding would have to wait. She is shooting and couldn’t join her boyfriend John Abraham for Dhoni’s wedding.

Says the sad actress, “I couldn’t go for the wedding, because I’m shooting in Diu for Priyadarshan’s Aakrosh. But John is there. He will be back on Monday. I’ll celebrate with Dhoni and his wife when they return to Mumbai”.

–Subhash k Jha/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 5 July, 2010
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