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Ayesha Takia is an Alien

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BH reports that Ayesha Takia would be soon playing an Alien for the upcoming movie Jaane Kahan Se Aai Hai opposite Ritesh Deskhmukh.

The movie would be directed by Milap Zaveri who has an excellent track record (Heyy Babyy, Masti, Jhankaar Beats, and Kaante) as a writer. This would be his first movie as a director. Jaane Kahan Se Aai Hai would also featureRuslaan Mumtaz who was seen in MP3. Milap Zaveri says, “There are lot of love stories between rich and poor, caste and creed but nothing that is out of the world. So, I came up with a twist to the popular concept of ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. I kept the man from Earth and the Woman from Venus”

Huh? Has Ayesha Takia gone so out of shape that they have decided to cast her as an alien? We do find some similarities between Jadoo of Koi Milgaya and Ayesha, but this is going too far (or maybe not?). Probably they did not want to spend truck loads of money on special effects, so have opted for something cheaper. Looking at the way Ayesha’s carrier is heading, poor girl must be happy to play anything. And why is Ritesh from earth? More than Ayesha, he looks perfectly like an alien. Milap Zaveri should stick to the original saying and cast Ritesh as an alien from mars… So that we can have the first love story of aliens set in the solar system. Who says bollywood is not innovative and copies from Hollywood? Damn, we don’t watch allHollywood movies; probably even this is some rip-off.

By Editor on 20 February, 2008
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