» Ayesha and Calorie Stuffing Boyfriend

Ayesha and Calorie Stuffing Boyfriend

By Editor


Ayesha Takia and boyfriend Farhan Azmi are featured on the cover of Food magazine Upper Crust’s latest issue. The magazine’s cover reads: Love is in the air for Ayesha Takia and Farhan Azmi.

Now I know the reason for Ayesha’s obesity. Too harsh? Okay, Ayesha’s healthiness. Happy? :D

ayesha takia farhan azmi

It seems that boyfriend Farhan is stuffing her with all the calorie crazy foods from his restaurants. You can see the couple having a great time with some million calories in the below photo.

ayesha takia farhan azmi

Ayesha, if you want to get back in shape (not the Kareena Skeleton Kapoor size), just stop dating Farhan.

Sorry Ayesha Takia Fans, I was just giving her the right advice, because even I love her. ;)

By Editor on 29 November, 2008
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