» Arshi cleverly skipped being smooched by Mikka

Arshi cleverly skipped being smooched by Mikka

By Lipika Varma


Arshi is all set to make her debut with her film ” Admissions open”  being directed by KD Satyam and produced by Aman Films Productions. She hails from Lucknow. It won’t be surprising to note that this burkha clad girl has very easily got adapted to the Mumbaiya  Bollywood Istyle.

arshi in burkha

Ask her if she visits her home town dressed in western attire? Pat comes the reply,” No we need to play double standards in our life time. Frankly speaking people will not digest watching me in western attire. For them I am a “Burkha” clad gal only.’ But do they not see you in other dresses on the screen as you have also done an album with Mika. It was a sexy album? Well! Yes! As long as I go with a burkha to my home town my folks have no problem.”

Hmmm …  very smart move indeed.  Venturing into bollywood , did you not have to face casting couch problem? I think we do come across such offers but it depends on a female. One needs to know that we are here to make a place for ourselves through our talent. Walking through the bed room and getting a chance to work on a silver screen is not permanent. We can get only one chance. And I think the producers and the directors are also smart enough not to waste their talent, time and above all money on any worthless bauble. No one would like to put crores of rupees on some one who has got no talent.”

Finally you began your filmy career with an album [ Nazareen Milanewalli] pitied opposite Mikka did he not offer to smooch you? Blushingly she asserts,” Actually he would have tried, but I always maintained a distance from him. I was aware of his smooching episodes so I did not want to be a prey to it.”

So guys beware girls venturing into the tinsel town know their way out.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 14 May, 2010
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