Akshay Kumar the DareDevil

Akshay Kumar the DareDevil

By Editor


Keeping true to his signature Akshay Kumar – Bollywood’s box office king performed yet another death-defying stunt for his forthcoming film Sajid Nadiadwala’s and Eros International’s Housefull.

We come to hear that a particular scene required Akshay to jump from one balcony to another and since one small step in the wrong direction would have him plunging to the ground the production advised Akshay to use cable wires to perform the stunt.

But Akshay Kumar refused to do so in spite of the challenge it posed.

Reveals a production source “Akshay had to jump from one balcony to another for a scene. It was advisable to use cables for it since it was quite risky and one small slip would have him badly injured.But Akshay refused and did the stunt himself minus the cable wires”

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 3 April, 2010
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