» Aisha to face competition from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Aisha to face competition from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

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Two releases separated by a week couldn’t have been more distinct than this. After a men-affair like Once upon A Time In Mumbaai which was largely dominated by Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi, is time for some female bonding with Aisha hitting the screens this week.

The promos clearly indicate that this would be a women-dominated show. Aisha clearly is the launch-pad for Sonam. Dad Anil Kapoor and sister Rhea have come together to ensure that this indeed happens.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

The film is primarily targeted at the urban audience since the entire set up of designer bags, Victorian costumes, high society parties, sprawling farm houses and the basic narrative style is clearly closer to a Farhan Akhtar than, say for example, Subhash Ghai.

This means that the film would primarily be arriving at multiplexes with limited presence in single screens. This makes sense as well since Abhay Deol, the lead actor in the film, has primarily been appreciated by the thinking audience so far and he too isn’t quite leading from the front here.

One can’t expect an extensive release for Aisha which doesn’t qualify to be a 1,000 prints affair. Enjoying a moderate release for itself, Aisha should take an average start (in the 50–60 percent range) and then wait for the word of mouth to catch up if the product is indeed good.

Owing to the fact that the film’s music is reasonably popular and the promos too have been appreciated amongst the target audience – the elite – Aisha could find itself in a safe zone unless the final product is a total letdown. A word of caution though – Aisha, despite arriving solo, would face competition from Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, which would be seeing good eye balls coming it’s way for second straight week in succession.

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By Editor on 5 August, 2010
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