Abhay Deol loves his dogs

Abhay Deol loves his dogs

By Editor


Apart from eccentric cinema Abhay Deol has another passion that he is besotted with.

Very few know that Abhay Deol is an animal lover and has been one ever since his childhood.

Reveals Abhay “At my parent’s house there are 3 dogs. I’ve grown up with these 4 legged creatures all my life”

We come to hear that the fact that Abhay feels so strongly for his dogs has encouraged him even more to work harder for the cause of Wildlife SOS.

Says Abhay “A decade down the line I don’t want to sit back and think that I didn’t do anything to stop disasters like the extinction of certain species. I’d rather point a finger at myself than others”

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 1 April, 2010
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