» Aamir Says ‘No’ to Political Parties for Rights of Peepli Live Music

Aamir Says ‘No’ to Political Parties for Rights of Peepli Live Music

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Bollywood perfectionist knows how to handle the political issues in his film and also knows how to handle the political parties in real life too. Several political parties approached him recently for acquiring the rights of the song ‘Mahangai Dayan’ from his upcoming movie Peepli Live.

Aamir Khan has made up his mind not to allow any political parties to use the song for their benefit. Peepli Live takes a dig at the government over the inflation issue.

Aamir Khan

On the sidelines of the music launch of Peepli Live, Aamir said, “We will not offer this song to any political party. This song cannot be used by them in any political campaign as it is just part of the film’s story”.

The recent hike in prices of essential commodities encouraged the opposition parties to take up the song so they approached the filmmaker to get the rights of the song.

Aamir added, “This film is made for the audience. It portrays the existing divide between the urban and rural areas in India and inflation is just a general issue”.

The movie is a satire on the suicides of the farmers and the consequent media and political responses.

A spokesperson from the production house said, “The production house of Aamir Khan maintains a strictly apolitical stand so no question can arise on allowing the political use of the song”.

NDA wanted to use this opportunity by using the song as Congress did last year by using AR Rahman’s composition ‘Jai Ho’. Rajeev Shukla of Congress said, “BJP is just looking for an opportunity to take political advantage of everything including the movies”.

Debutant director Anusha Rizwi is directing the movie, which features Raghuveer Yadav in a key role. Peepli LIve is slated to hit the theaters on August 13.

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By Editor on 14 July, 2010
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