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Aamir Khan tests directors

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Aamir Khan, being a perfectionist, wants everything to be just right. He makes sure that the directors he works with or the directors who are appointed to work with his production house, Aamir Khan Productions, are equally perfect.

Anusha Rizvi, a debutante director, was made to undergo a test before she was selected for Aamir’s production, Peepli Live. Aamir gave her five scenes in order to test her and make sure she was the perfect choice. It was similar to the auditions that actors have to give.

According to sources, Anusha used to be a reporter who had sent Aamir an email with a script for a film on farmers’ suicides. Aamir liked the script but he wasn’t certain if she would be able to direct it. So he asked her to shoot five scenes which she did. He was impressed by the way she shot the scenes and decided that she could direct the film.

Anusha admits to being nervous about it but because she was used to handling a video camera, it was easy for her. The only thing she found new was dealing with actors.

She also believes that a film’s technical aspect is the most difficult part and because it was just the way it should have been, it was a nice learning experience.

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By Editor on 20 March, 2010
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