» Yes, I was nervous : Aamir Khan

Yes, I was nervous : Aamir Khan

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taare zameen parThink of the most versatile actor in today’s Bollywood, only Aamir Khan comes to mind. When his colleagues are making total masala movies like Om Shanti Om and Partner, Aamir Khan chose to swim against the tide and made a sensitive Taare Zameen Par. Aamir Khan not only acted but also directed and produced the movie.

In conversation with all-rounder Aamir khan:

TZP is your first film as a director; tell us how was the overall experience?

The overall experience was good. I enjoyed directing as much as I enjoyed acting. For me work should be enjoying and that keeps me going.

Were you scared whether the film will fetch you the equal amount of appreciation as your earlier films did?

Yes, I was nervous, like any other new director. You are always surrounded by the anxiety about the kind of response that will be fetched. Appreciation is always acceptable and welcomed with open arms but as a producer I see that my films also have to do economically well.

Are you a result-oriented person?

For me process is more important, joyful. I like to have my entire concentration on the process right from step 1. It gives me pleasure.

Are you planning to continue with direction?

Yes obviously, I’ll continue with direction. Ideally if I am directing I won’t get into acting. I concentrate to put my efforts on one task at a time, I am not a man of multitasking, I enjoy the way I work and follow each step carefully after my past.

TZP is simple without any big element to go ahead & market with (apart from you)

Yes, it’s a very simple film with a simple cast. When I choose any particular film, I look from audience point of view, I observe a lot, what makes them happy or cry or rejoice, their reactions to situations. I rather look on the practical aspect of movie to promote; my ability to clearly communicate with audience in a story format is my strength.

You are considered a trendsetter, a visionary, changing scenario of Indian cinema, how do you manage to do different things every time? Also what do want say about current trend of cinema in Bollywood?

See, I don’t do different things; I try to do it in a different manner. I think every person should follow his/her dream and try and make it possible to create an ability to achieve it backed by its practicality. I think, what has really changed is the audience. They want to see different kind of films. They want variety. Today’s audience have matured and are practical, they don’t want the same old stuff to be played, that’s why films with unusual subject, films with some freshness are being hugely appreciated and accepted.

You are always in news for maintaining different looks for your movies, what is the next new look in your upcoming movies?

You’ll see a bald man in my new film (laughs), the title of the film (remake of Tamil film Gajni) is yet to be finalized.

How’s the overall response for TZP? In Gujarat? Within industry?

The response has really turned out really good. I am overwhelmed by the kind of response I am getting from my fans and the audience in general. The response that I have got for my very first directorial film is like a dream response. It’s been appreciated by all ages; from teenagers to youth to parents to oldies to teachers. Well, I was confident about this subject, but was not expecting such a mass response. Within industry almost everyone esteemed and acclaimed my work David Dhawan, Ashutosh Gowariker, Rakesh Roshan and many others prized my efforts through their appreciation.

If not actor what you would love to have been?

If not actor then I would have loved to be a sportsperson, I was a topper in lawn tennis at state level (played for Maharashtra) and I also love teaching, I would love to have a film school with small number of students who wants to know everything about filmmaking.


Yes, I am interested to make a sequel of SARFAROSH as the characters are very much there to get utilized (strong characters). John Mathew Mathan (director of SARFAROSH) is also thinking on the same. We might come out with its sequel, but no fixed plans as yet.

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By Editor on 6 January, 2008
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