Shammi befools the media by declaring Lalita Pawar to be his favorite Romantic Pair

Shammi befools the media by declaring Lalita Pawar to be his favorite Romantic Pair

By Lipika Varma


shammi kapoorShammi Kapoor is still going strong. He is surviving on dialysis. But when you meet him the yester year sizzling star feels enthusiastic with energy filled up to the brim. His second wife Neelam who follows him like a shadow takes enough care of Shammi Kapoor. By the time it was 7 p.m she immediately asked him to ingest a crocin as Shammiji had turned very tired attending to the queries of the journo for almost 4 to 5 hours, during the press meet of” Shammi Kapoor being unplugged”.

Surprisingly Shammi Kapoor has been a techno savvy much prior to the recent times. He says, ”When we started using the net service there would be no traffic jam at all. While we would try to sent the notes to friends staying in China, though the message reached them in no time and would come back to us with the same speed.”

Ask him having worked with all the beautiful starlets of the fifties,sixties and the seventies, who he would consider the most romantic one opposite him? Smiles and says,” It was lalita Pawar who I consider as the most romantic female co artist, how can I tell you the secret of my real romantic lady, my wife is sitting next to me. I have two wives Geeta Bali is my first wife.” So you see how smartly Shammiji skipped from answering to us bout his romantic inclinations!

On a serious note Shammiji talking about the review of his first film ”Khoj”  opposite Shammi [leading lady]says,” A reviewer had written me off saying that,” He apes his brother Raj Kapoor.’ I had felt so very bad. But I had to take it in my stride.”

Proceeding further when quizzed if he was born with a silver spoon , belonging to the Kapoor Khandan was it easy for him to make it on the bollywood horizon? Well! I had to put in my share of hard work. Nothing like-I was born with a silver spoon. One needs to work for the profession he is into. Yes! I could dance so briskly, merely because while dancing I used to enjoy it. I always danced with energy and wanted to bring in freshness into my dancing sequences.”

Comparing about stars working in films Shammi says,” Do you think it was an easy task for Dilip Kumar to live upto to the character that he played in Mughal-E- Aazam.. He had to put in a lot of efforts to bring forth the character of Salim live onto the character.  What I want to tell you’ll that making a name for one self on the bollywood horizon was tough enough when compared to today’s time.”

Also giving away a strong message to the youth Shammiji quips, ” Actually , During our times there was no politics involved in the bollywood arena. We were all very innocent and believed in helping one another. I would like tell the youth to use their energy in enhancing their knowledge in whatever field they chose to pursue. They should not waste time in engaging themselves in stuff which will hinder their progress.

Turning nostalgic about the Music of yester year he adds,” Technically although the music has evolved to greater heights but the melody in today’s music goes missing. Music without melody is life without a wife.”

Talking about the Gen, next from the Kapoor Khandhan he says,” I liked Ranbir Kapoor’s performances in Wake up sid. Personality wise he does possess the charm and physical attraction of’coz. But yeah! His acting caliber too makes the Kapoor Khandan feel proud.”

Last but not the least Shammiji steers to the importance of having a healthy body, he says,” Yeah! I regret having been careless with my health. We do not pay heed to so many things which bring ill health to us. Our body is like a temple we need to keep it guarded by not stressing it unnecessarily. Doing proper things at proper times should be followed religiously.”

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 22 May, 2010
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