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Sammir Dattani Speaks About his Leisure Time Activities

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Sammir Dattani has really carved a niche for himself both in Sandalwood as well as Bollywood. In Sandalwood he had seen successes in films like ‘Monalisa’, ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Amritdhaare’ while in Bollywood he garnered critical acclaim in films like ‘Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai’, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Life Mein Kabhie Kabhie’, ‘Mukhbir’ and ‘Love Tadka’. Here on the sets of the Kannada film ‘O Manase’ in Mysore he discusses his leisure time activities at length.

Sammir Dattani

Describe a typical leisurely day in your life? Whenever I am free, which I am rarely these days due to my busy schedule both in Bollywood and Sandalwood, and more especially after the runaway success of ‘Amrithadhaare’, I am normally involved in catching up on all the missed out movies of any language film. I prefer watching these films in the theatres, if not then on DVD. Besides I love listening to a lot of music, on all days. That apart I love to go out on long drives with friends hang out at the Worli sea face in the evening. Finally I catch up on my extensive workouts and of course sleep for long hours.

What would be your idea of unwinding, de-stressing, relaxing and snatching a few moments of personal life?

I again only repeat that I love going out for a long drive but all alone with blaring music and full blast AC otherwise just listen to loud music at home with all the lights turned off and all phones off the hook, cell phone switched off and me lazing away in my bed.

Do you have any particular hangout where you spend time with your male friends on a weekend? And how?

Since I love the sea it’s always the Worli sea face in South Mumbai, also because our school was located right there, it makes it more emotional and memorable for me. In fact, even if we have to go in the opposite direction we still meet at Worli sea face and then head out together. All our late night outings end up with chilling out and chatting on the sea face promenade for a while and then heading home.

Any particular interests that you pursue in your leisure time?

I like things organized in my room so generally the 1st thing that I do on a day off is set things right at home…hehehe. Besides, I love surfing the net or reading a book that too only the best sellers. Since I moved into my new sea – facing house I am still busy doing up the interiors. I am very fussy about the way I want it to look.

Do you like spending a lot of money? And do you later feel guilty thinking of how much you spent on pampering yourself?

Yeah! That’s so true. I just love pampering myself but generally speaking I don’t really feel guilty about it because a good amount of thinking goes in before I spend a huge sum on myself especially when it’s not need based but a desire to pamper myself.

Would leisure time mean just kicking off your shoes and relaxing or would you prefer to do something more adventurous?

I think a bit of both. I love the idea of doing nothing and lazing around but now I have also realized that I can generally never do that as I am an active person. So I always end up finding something interesting or adventurous to do.

What are the craziest things that you have ever done?

Well! Bungee jumping is one thing a lot of people think I am crazy to have done and not only one 3 jumps on the same day…I loved it so much. As a kid I used to sneak out with the car…underage driving and now when I look back it was definitely a very crazy thing to do just imagine if anything would have gone wrong I could have been in deep trouble.

Would you prefer to spend your holidays traveling abroad or in India? Any specific holiday destinations?

Travelling abroad for sure, I love the beaches and the sea so much, so places like Phuket, Bali and Mauritius are the places that I have loved always. Besides I have always been looking forward to traveling to up country Europe for a really, really long holiday. Another thing I have never experienced is a snow fall, so a nice vacation to the Swiss Alps maybe.

What would be your idea of a typical bachelor’s day or bachelor’s night out?

Watching some cool action flicks topped with margaritas or tequila shots and of course good music provided someone’s house is empty, loads of male ‘BACHELOR FRIENDS’ watching wild DVD’s and laughing the night away.

Lastly what are your favorite pick up and bedroom lines? How often do you change them? Well! That’s a secret!!! Only some special girls get to know that side of me…hehehe, not meant for all to read in print.

— Shaheen Raaj/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 3 July, 2010
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