Rohit Bal – Talks to Lipika Varma about his Health Hazards

Rohit Bal – Talks to Lipika Varma about his Health Hazards

By Lipika Varma


rohit balRohit Bal – talks to Lipika Varma about his health hazards, Having transformed into good human being, changed life style, fashion week etc in an exclusive rendezvous.

Gudda has a pivotal message to part with – “ Avoid, ingesting too much of alcohol incessantly. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Do not abuse your body.”

Rohit Bal, the man behind Fashion discloses – his lifestyle, fashion weeks, brand extensions and on missing his favorites. Rohit Bal strictly follows diet by missing all the tempting dry fruits. Having, resumed to his fashion assignments after a gap of two months. It was obvious that he had changed…for the good. Ask him how is the feeling of life after having a close brush with death in the recent past; undoubtedly, after having a close brush with death kind of an experience, one turns very practical. I feel I have transformed into a good human being. I do not have the guts of criticizing any one. I feel one needs to take life as it comes by all means.”.

But, what about the buzz that you had been having late night parties and hence the health debacle? I know he retorts immediately. These are all stupid and made up tell tales making rounds. I was very much resting at home a day previous to the medical disorder. Thanks to my live-in friend Lalit (Tehlan) who felt it could be a heartache and too me to the hospital. I literally felt the ray of light that we see when dying!”

Ask him if he missed being in action, knowing that has been a guy on the go ever since he first arrived on the fashion scene. “Not really, it was time for a lot of ‘-spections’- Introspection, Retrospection and Circumspection”, he jests. “It gave me time to be with me and my closed ones.”

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Did you not miss it? “I had already decided not to do WIFW this season since I wasn’t sure of the new venue.  Hence, no regrets. Instead I was happy that I found some time for folks and myself. .”

And what about you not being able to eat your favorite “Red Meat. Being a Kashmiri, it’s very difficult to stay off it.”

Talking about the latest regional fashion week having arrived lately he adds “I don’t want to be aware of the 14 fashion weeks in the country. Can I be cheap and honest with you about this? Most fashion weeks gain more from me showing at their event. My name helps them accumulate a lot in cash and kind. I have come to terms with this fact and I charge them a bomb. They are happy and I am happy too. My collections are couture and designer prêt; they are too expensive for any fashion week to make them sell. My business comes from my stores and online enquiries.”

But he is always held guilty of showcasing the same collection at multiple All these stuff are showcased by you at different platforms comment,” platforms. “Yes, it’s true. But what is also true is that I tell them before hand and only when they are comfortable with it, do I give my nod. Like in Columbo, I had told them that it’s an already seen collection, whereas in Kolkata, I had a totally fresh one…I don’t cheat, it always comes around.”

We know that there were multiple brand extensions in the pipeline before he had to temporarily retire…what has become of them? “Yes, I feel sad that everyone and everything had to be put on the backburner because of me. There goes a lot of planning and money in doing anything big or small, I owe a big one to all of them for still supporting me. But that being said, everything is back on track, The Outlander show in Delhi, going to Cannes and representing India- you’ll see more of me in the coming months.”

Highlighting his Shloka Bags by Rohit Bal he quipps, “These will be designed and conceptualized by me, have appointed an Indian company to manufacture them, but it will be entirely  my baby . This will come into the market  two months.”

Bal is also extending his association with Lancome where there is an entire line of Bridal cosmetic products handpicked by him and packed in a signature Rohit Bal hamper bag.

Gudda is also one of the few Indian designers who have been invited to showcase at the Chambre Syndicale de le Haute Couture du Paris. “Yes, I did that in January a couple of years ago…I was invited last year as well…but I explained the financial implications and the energy spent on the show there vis a vis the gains from the it to Didier Grumbach (President) and he agreed to my point. Spending 8-10 crores on a singular show in a volatile market like Europe is currently not noble.”

Gudda has a pivotal message to part with – “ Avoid, ingesting too much of alcohol incessantly. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Do not abuse your body. And love all.”

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 19 May, 2010
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