Kareena Kapoor says Jab We Met is not the Last Movie with Shahid Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is a Born Superstar – Kareena

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After the thunderous response Jab We Met received from the audience, Kareena Kapoor is upbeat about her future projects. Kareena Kapoor speaks about her upcoming movie Tashan with Saif Ali Khan and the chemistry she shared with Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met. Kareena Kapoor also speaks about her cousin Ranbir Kapoor.

Kareena Kapoor Interview

Exclusive Interview

So how are things these days?

I am working very hard these days. I have been shooting daily for Tashan. I am very tired but despite everything I am giving you an interview (smiles).

Thanks. So tell us, what is the USP of Jab We Met?

The dialogues of Jab We Met happen to be one of their USPs. The way this scene has been written and the way I say the lines in the film — I feel it was completely power-packed. But then it was quite easy because I’m like this girl a little bit.

Your roots are from Punjab and you shot extensively over there. Did you indulge in the local revelry like fassi etc?

No, we never had time for that. We were shooting in Patiala for the Punjabportion and the location was some two hours away from our hotel. We traveled everyday for four hours and then shot for eight hours. So we hardly had time to see the place.

We were shooting at this place called Nabha, which is close to Patiala, and the locations there were mind blowing. We shot in a haveli. When you see the film, you will realize that it looks like a typical Sikhni household — very similar to the houses found in Patiala and Bhatinda. I think the credit for that goes to the director Imtiaz Ali.

You must have visited many places while shooting the film…

Yes, we shot at many places — Shimla, Rohtang pass, Manali… It was an outdoor schedule of 40 to 45 days and till the time the shooting of the film was on, the whole unit was like one huge family.

So is this your last film with Shahid?

No, not at all. Why do people think that? If the script and roles is good, then why not? I am sure that after the film is released, it will rock. People will expect the chemistry between us to be as good in future. People who have seen the film during the trial shows have loved it and said that the chemistry is very good. Filmmakers should write films for us and we will definitely do it.

What kind of feedback did you get?

Many people messaged me (after the trial shows) and most of them were my friends and family. My mother cried after she saw the film. Obviously, she must be thinking on emotional lines and said that her daughter has done a very good job.

During the promotions, you and Shahid appeared only once together.

Yes. I was busy shooting for Tashan when the promotion was going on. I was in Delhi, Shahid was in Toronto. Then I returned to Mumbai, but we had no time. We appeared on Nach Baliye together.

Did you give any acting tips to Ranbir Kapoor, who’s making his debut in Saawariya?

I don’t think he needs any tips. From the promos, I can tell he is a born superstar. It’s in our blood.

Shahid has gone on record that he is single. What about you?

I think Jab We Met is a great film and I don’t think that I need to talk anymore about this film.

Are you sure you won’t say anything?

Nothing, not at all.

By Editor on 30 October, 2007

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