Priyanka Chopra looked the most Arrogant “Tom Boy” on the launch of Fear Factor 3

Priyanka Chopra looked the most Arrogant “Tom Boy” on the launch of Fear Factor 3

By Lipika Varma


Priyanka Chopra looked the most arrogant “Tom Boy” on the launch of Fear Factor*3  which will allure the audiences of “Colours.Being the boss of 13 contestants on the show, the ravishing beauty Priyanka spread an aura of liveliness.

In a brief chat with Lipika Varma she discloses so a many things –

Beginning with her laziness she asserts,” Although, I am very lazy as a person and my fitness level is always low, but now that I am doing Khatron Ke Khiladi *3 and Don II which is another action oriented film my mother coaxed me to take up fitness and gymming. I am working 36 hours even though a day comprises of 24 hours a day. What more can I do? She questions innocently. Further informing about her competition she adds,”Don II also has Lara Dutt who is also fitness conscious, so  I have to be fit as we two are in competition.”

priyanka chopra fear factor 3

We further steer to a different question…13 men and you will be the only girl? Will you not be pampered? I love being pampered and am going to enjoy it.  I never thought about being pampered. I will be privileged one indeed and which lady will not like being pampered. But I will have the reigns in my hand.”

Also speaking about Fear Factor*3, being challenging enough she says,”I think it’s a big challenge hosting a TV show. Earlier I never had time for TV since I was busy with my movies, but now, since I got the chance I said I must try it out.

Let’s know what Priyanka fears the most. And what she loves the most?”I am scared of failures.  I don’t think that’s an option in life. I am not scared of anything else. I love heights. Earlier, I did fear heights too but now I have overcome this fear too. I did sky diving. I enjoy swimming in the water. And I love cockroaches.” Surprising indeed.

Well! Choosing television over films, she has a genuine answer,”Television is the most popular media and  you cant set the credibility.  It’s not that stars are doing television because they have no work in movies.  I am doing great films. I just wanted something different. I choose my work if it is interesting and I always go by my gut feeling and instinct. “

While people would compare her with Akshay she seems to be prepared for it and says,” Comparison is inevitable. Akshay is the original action hero and no one can fill up his gap. I won’t even try that.  I will try to bring my personality into the show. It has already gained a level with Akshay hosting the show for two seasons which has gained a lot of popularity. I have to do my best and take it to another level altogether. Television is a big medium and a different format altogether. “

Talking about her stunts in Droana and Don she adds, “I have done stunts in my earlier films Drona and Don.  Nonetheless, in this show I have handpicked the stunts myself.  I will be doing a few stunts too and I am going to enjoy some of the feats myself.” sounds great.

The show Fear Factor *3 has enough of safety measures hear from the diva herself,” Safety is important and we are doing in the presence of professionals and have taken enough safety measures. The participants need not worry.” Without any prejudice she says,”May the Best Man win.”

Finally we compare her to Amitabh Bachchan as he too will be seen hosting KBC she courteously answers, “He is really great. At his age he has been doing things with great ease and poise. I don’t think when I reach his age, I will be able to do so?”

Priyanka’s advice  to the onlookers - Please do not try any stunts after watching this show. The participants are performing with full safety measures and their life will not face any danger. Watch the show and enjoy it.”

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 7 August, 2010
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