“No one would like to face death” Anurag Basu

“No one would like to face death” Anurag Basu

By Lipika Varma


anurag basuAnurag turns candid with Lipika Varma and answers to all queries from his family, sickness, films, difference between bollywood and Hollywood Divas and flirting….

Anurag Basu is a personality to reckon with. Belonging to a family of performing Arts and theatres he did have an inclination to set a mark for himself on the bollywood horizon.” Yes! I am a qualified engineer but I have lived and learnt about art and culture belonging to a family who enjoyed performing theatres. I was fully aware about the ifs’ and buts of surviving in the tinsel town. Being a qualified engineer I decided to give myself just one year’s time. My struggling period was short indeed. I ventured into Television through ‘zee’ Channel. Also I go by my gut feelings. I remember, I quit from Balaji Telefilms while I was doing a film with them. I do not look back. Yes! After that I felt that I will never get a film to direct. I met Rakesh Roshan in Cannes and we discussed about a one liner. Rakesh asked me to write that one liner I did the needful but I could never expect him to ask me to direct the film. He had liked my film” Gangster” and he wanted Anurag type of film. I’m sure you will find Anurag when you watch the film “Kites”

We get a little personal and quiz as to how he fights with “cancer’? He has set an example to many who survive with this alien disease? Turning a little emotional he says,” I still remember when I had taken seriously ill for the first time, After knowing that I was having cancer, whenever my wife and family members visited me with a sad connotation on their face. They did not have the guts of disclosing the fact that I am suffering from cancer. One evening Mahesh Bhatt came to visit me he put his hand on my fore head and burst out crying aloud. I was very shocked to note such a strong man behave in this manner. He put his soothing hands on my forehead and said,” Anurag tujhe cancer hai.” Although I too was traumatized but put a brave front and said,” Its like cold, cough and fever. I know I will be able to fight it nothing to worry. Then it was declared by the doctors that I will not live for more than three or four months. No one would like to face death. I am living with a disease which multiples every second. But I am fine. Why am I talking this? This disease multiplies every minute but I am fine –hail and hearty progressing in life.

Stirring further he discloses how there are no fights with his wife now.”Anyways for me this disease is like a boon. I share a very good relationship with my family now. Smiles…my wife has stopped fighting with me. We are sharing a luvvy -duvvy relationship now. For me my family is on the priority list.

Further expressing about his production house doing a serial on Door-darshan he quips,” I am not directing this serial. This new venture, which is going to be purely fiction, Basically, it is on the lines of serials like Ek Kahani which used to telecast on Doordarshan. I like such stories. We are planning to knit several interesting stories. Still time but. The serial will be produced under the banner of his daughter’s name” Ishana Productions”

Contrary to the media reports that Kangana is angry as she is not being a part of promotions, Anurag clarifies,” Truly speaking, Kangana has always been a part of my films after Gangster. If I would have not taken her in Kites she would have then got angry as she shares a very good rapport with me. We want to exhibit few scenes where Kangana too is a part but we are avoiding it so that people do not reach to unwanted love triangle strings.

Fine being surrounded with all the beautiful girls does Anurag never flirts around with them? Blushes… Infact I come from a very sound background. I have seen my father being so sincere to my mother. I never felt like having any flirtatious inclination towards any of the stars. I always become an honest friend to them. They cry over my shoulders…I’m just joking.

Barbara had honestly told us that she will be working with you in your next film? Oh!! Really. She is not acquainted to the Indian media so she has been too very honest. Yes! She jumped when I narrated a tale to her. She will be there in my next film. So will Anurag turn to Hollywood actress over the Indian actress and also will we miss his direction too? It’s nothing like that. What ever I come across and needs prior attention I shall turn to that first.

Last but not the least Anurag replies to our query who are honest bollywood divas or Hollywood divas?’Honestly, if I take Barbara as a standard, she is the most comfortable actress I have worked with. Not that all Indian actresses have been troublesome (winks) but she was so down to earth throwing no tantrums. She had no airs about her celebrity status and would behave like a common being. Not all, but few Indian actresses are not honest. These Hollywood actors act without any stress on their fore head. An honest performance indeed!

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 19 May, 2010
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  • S.N.Majumder says:

    I have seen Anurag basu anchoring of zee t.v. it is beautiful show that time i never guess what ‘s beautiful way of talking much and much smart guy, i want to meet, i had known saraswati puja is helding in his house. it is totally amaging his activities really feel very very good.

    i want to know his ph no i want to talked with him i want to learnt so many from him, any way i am tatasteel worker at ahmedabad but i am calcutta boy i had came ahmeda bad just few years from calcutta, any way how to meet how to talked pl write to me.

    thanks & regards S/N/Majumder.