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Marrow and the Man – Salman Khan

By Lipika Varma


Salman gets a fresh title-Marrow and the man. Salman has decided to take forward the genuine cause of Marrow Donar Registry [India] along with his ‘Being Human. Salman is known to have helped people suffering from various diseases through Being Human. All that he earns from his artistic [Painting] talent is donated to the weak and fragile. “I request all those who wish to donate some blood to the noble cause of bringing life to those who need Bone marrow transplantation. Let’s begin it today, infact just now.  You need to spend only fifteen minutes to donate your blood and get yourself checked at the cost of just Rs 8ooo/- the expenses of the check up will be borne by MDIR. We all need to take some time from our daily routine and go ahead to save the ones who need BM Transplantation.

Salman Khan

” Also talking about the generous feelings that every film star possess he adds,” yes! I shall approach all my friends from the film Industry to come and join me in this noble cause. I am sure that people from the film fraternity will come forward themselves as all of us have a soft heart.”

While talking seriously he plunges into words or statements that put us into a fit of laughter like he adds immediately,” Friends I have few. I have more ….]”

‘Those who are engaged in petty fights with their wives or girl friends he advices them,” Just do not waste time in unnecessary ‘Jhaggadas’[fights] with your girl friends and wives but just help the patients who are looking forward to get some medical aid and live longer. We all need to take it seriously and help them.”

Talking about fear he quips,” Some fear the heights while others may fear while posing to remove some blood. But you need not have any kind of fear. Go and donate your blood for you will get biscuits and coffee to drink. So it will be like ‘Ek teer se do do shikar’. Oh! No shikar. I do not want to get into shikar soup anymore.” He says jokingly.

But on a serious note Sallu sincerely says,”Imagine those who need BM transplantation immediately, they may be wanting to get relief from this disease so you guys need to get going.”

Sallu does not stop here he goes on to add, “I remember earlier a common man would dread to go in for a test as HIV was feared. But now there is no fear every disease has its possible cure. Lets one and all join our hands and support this noble cause.”

Last but not the least talking about the scoops and breaking news that media craves for he genuinely says,” While you guys run for scoops and gossips, I think you need to support this cause too. We would appreciate and need the help of the media.”

By Lipika Varma on 23 November, 2010
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