» Kajol Speaks at Full Length, Her Awesome Energy Levels at the Day too is Incredible

Kajol Speaks at Full Length, Her Awesome Energy Levels at the Day too is Incredible

By Lipika Varma


Kajol walks into the office with a broad smile on her face. She had an electrifying charm on her face. Nonetheless, her sweet yet naughty gestures made her look so majestic.

“Yes! I’m due in October. I am very happy, as I am blessed with everything on this earth. I have a very good family support both from my parents and my parent’s in-law, my hubby, and my daughter. And I am very happy about being pregnant the second time. As a woman I feel as though I have attained a wholesome motherhood. What more can I ask from the almighty.” She confesses from the bottom of her heart.


Kajols pregnancy mantra,” While being pregnant a female needs to follow these precautionary measures: fast five ,” one should remain calm, you need not take any stress, be positive, be happy, and love yourself more, when tired get into your bedroom and take a nap.”

Being from the filmy arena Kajol has unhesitatingly declared about her marriage and her pregnancy.” Why should I hide anything?  Infact it is a matter of pride for me to have such a lovely daughter and yet another on the way.[ whatever it may be.I’ll feel blessed.] Being married also was a privilege for me. Yeah! While doing a film I did not want to show my pregnancy because that would go against the character. “

Playing the second fiddle after having tasted the rights of a first wife in “We are Family” what is her take in real life? ” Hope no one has to go through the pangs of having a souten. But if it happens then one needs to adjust with it on the basis of daily happenings and react accordingly. Everyone cannot identify with Maya. No one can be perfect. For me in real, I do not like to react to hypothetical situation.

Refreshing her childhood memories she adds,”.  But at times I feel as though history repeats. When my mom would ask me not to do something I would always give her a strong glare. And now when I tell my daughter not to do something and she insists on doing it , then I realize how difficult it is to be a mother. To each, motherhood is different. Motherhood is a fulfilling feeling, also an awesome feeling indeed!”

She further adds,” Yes! Some working mother’s like to look forward to bank on the advice from certain authorities while the others may love to handle the situation on their own.  ”

Talking about changes in Ajay after marriage she says,” Yes! Earlier Ajay was not so very responsible. But over the years he has changed a lot. He is very particular about what he wants. He is very committed and he owes credit to himself for his growth. He will try his utmost to fulfil all his duties towards his parents, sisters and the rest of the family. Also he is a loving husband and a loving dad to Nysa.”

Kajol nevertheless agrees that she has mellowed down over the years,” I do find a lot of change in me. If I say I am not matured as yet, then there could be something drastically wrong with me. I have changed a lot. Look no one is perfect but we need to try and act according to the situation so that things can be carried out smoothly. In one word it is ‘adjustment.’

Keeping her energy levels high even at this juncture of her life she jokingly adds,” I do one film at a time. Actually, I love to read mills and boons and lay back and sham around whenever I get time. You need to love yourself to be loved by others.

Kajol was quick to share with us the changes in Bebo over the years,” Yeah! In KGKG Kareena was young, a little nervous. As everyone needs to be experienced, so with her experience she has definitely added a feather to her cap.”

Last but not the least working with Director Sidharth Malhotra she expresses,” Although one fears until he or she knows the capacity and tenacity of direction capability of a new director but by the time a few scenes are canned you definitely judge it. Sidharth is fairly a good director being a first timer. He has directed “We are family’ with great zeal. All of us enjoyed a lot on the sets.” She concludes.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 26 August, 2010

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