Jagbir Dahiya – director of Sukhwinder Singh’s debut film Kuchh Kariye

Jagbir Dahiya – director of Sukhwinder Singh’s debut film Kuchh Kariye

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Jagbir Dahiya is making his debut as film director with Hindi feature film Kuchh Kariye releasing on 23rd April. This is the film that is launching Sukhwinder Singh as an actor. Although in films this is his first attempt, Jagbir Dahiya has been producing directing serials, making documentary for national campaigns for various ministries and making programmes for All India Radio. In conversation:

Q: What is the story of Kuchh Kariye?

Jagbir Dahiya: It’s the story of Rishi played by Sukhwinder Singh. He is a simple musician from a small town. He is in love with Shriya, but society in his city is against their relationship. Disappointed they move to Mumbai and from here begins another journey. He meets two other boys who are also idealistic lot and want to bring a change in society. To voice their views, they start making a film. A film within film, Kuchh Kariye explores the reality of life today, the cruelty in people and possibility of changing their mind set with reasoning.

Q: How did you think of taking Sukhwinder Singh as lead?

Jagbir Dahiya: When I saw Sukhwinder ji singing the songs of my film with the passion required by the character, I decided that he is the one who should play Rishi. I asked him to do the role. He laughed me off. When we came for the recording of the second song, I was once again very happy with his expressions. When I started insisting again, he agreed to read the script. He liked the story because and inspite of us being new in the industry he agreed. I will always be grateful to him.

Q: Do you think that your decision was right?

Jagbir Dahiya: Yes, definitely. Sukhwinder Ji has done perfect work. He is very good and natural in front of the camera. In fact during the serious scenes, he would get so much into the character that he used to forget that he is supposed to stay within the marked area to shoot eth scene in the camera. Again and again he used to go out of the camera range. So then I decided to put five camera set up even for talkie time. He believes in what he is taking in the film.

Q: Tell us about other artistes?

Jagbir Dahiya: We have the star cast of Vikrum Kumar, Rufi Khan, Shriya, Khuahhish, Mustaque Khan, Surendra Pal, Mukesh Tiwari, Dipak Shirke and others. It’s a mix of young, new and senior artistes. All have done a very good job. In fact I had the entire script of my film ready in hand before I went out to sign my artiste. So they knew their characters and story in full before they agreed to take on the project. Naturally their work is good.

Q: Today most of the time light young films work better. Why did you choose to go in for a film with message?

Jagbir Dahiya: I do not agree with that. Today films like Tare Zameen Par, Chak De, Three Idiots, My anme is Khan, New York… all were films with message and all have worked very well. My film is not all about serious issues and preaching, it also has its light moments but it’s not just a time pass. Even if few people get influenced with the story and our message, I will be happy.

Q: Where all have you shot the film?

Jagbir Dahiya: We have shot in Mumbai, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Dehradun etc.

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By Editor on 2 April, 2010
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