» “I would not mind if I am introduced to the hottest gal on the earth and I shall be the happiest person” – Punit Malhotra

“I would not mind if I am introduced to the hottest gal on the earth and I shall be the happiest person” – Punit Malhotra

By Lipika Varma


punit malhotraPunit Malhotra is all set to show his directorial capabilities with his debut film to release ‘I Hate Luv Storys’. He has already gained ample of experience as an assistant director with his films “Jodha Akbar [asst director] Kabhi Alvida na Kehena[chief asst director] Kal Ho Na Ho[Assit director] Kabhie Ghushi KG[ASSIT direct]

A brief telephonic interview with Lipika Varma follows –

So do you really hate love stories?
Not essentially. I believe in love. Love keeps the globe moving ahead. Without love life would be dull.

I would not ask you if you are having an affair with Sonam but rather tell me if you are really single?
Yes! I am absolutely single. I would not mind if I am introduced to the hottest gal on the earth and I shall be the happiest person.

Do you really mean it?
Yes! I am not joking says Punit.

Since you are making a romantic comedy, the first query that comes to my mind is- when did you first taste of Romance?
Oh! I had fallen for a girl while I was in H.R.A. college but she dumped me co’z she thought I was a shallow person”

We instantly interrupt and quiz if he was serious about his statement?
No, I was just joking. Probably things did not work out as usual it happens in all the early stages of love stories.

Is your script? I hate love stories a real on reel from your own personal experiences?
It is a fun filled romantic comedy film. Yeah! Inspired a little by some real stories and a little of imagination. Imraan is a boy whose perception of love does not exist while Sonam plays a character for whom love is everything. Actually the tale is quite intriguing. Infact, IHLS is a combination of a lot of things.

Being the nephew of Manish Malhotra did you not get influenced by fashion and not wanted to turn as a designer?
No. I am not a fashion freak at all. For me simplicity is what I crave for. I have been assisting for quite many films and I always wanted to direct films. Debuting with a big banner and a good star cast is like a privilege for me. Simplicity takes you a long way indeed I love to wear a pair of comfortable jeans, a shirt or a plain top. For me fashion is that I feel good to wear.

In today’s times it is very difficult to judge which film will flop or be a hit. Your take?
That’s true but no one essentially likes to make a bad film. In today’s times it is really very difficult to state which film would be a hit or a flop. But a maker tries his best to try different things and yet be good. I will be devastated if my film does not do well as this is my debut film. But I am hopeful that the film has shaped out well and has every reason to rake in the moolah.

Highlight on Sonam’s acting caliber- after the photo shoot of both Imraan and Sonam we were so happy that these two suited our character, which is a youthful character.

Yes! I will like to take the credit unhesitatingly of bringing the hottest new Jodi- Sonam-Imraan for the first time. I am sure people will admire them. Sonam is a fabulous actor her dialogue delivery and her mannerisms for the character has been excellent. I think she is underrated as an actor. On the first day, I was shocked how she sparkled in front of the camera, because during the readings she takes it very easy Yeah! She belongs to a family from the industry it is a plus point for her. She surely possesses the education of acting from within her genes.

Steering further about the budget he adds,” I may not know the budget mam. This is a productions call infact. But yeah! It is a small budget movie yet has all the lavish essentials needed for the look. I am lucky that after Karan agreed upon the script he never interfered in the making nor did he visit the sets at all. Whatever was the need of the sequences and otherwise it was all available instantly. He trusted me and allowed a free hand for me. Karan was happy with the outcome. I am not at all an expensive director I may say to your question.

One director whose work you admire the most?
I cannot name one. There are Rajkumar Hirani, Vinod Chopra, Aditya Chopra, Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap and others too. Each has his own approach and style, and a very engaging way of storytelling.

What next?
There are so many ideas in the head but at this point I am too numb and excited to think of anything else. I’m awaiting the release of my film I Hate Luv Storys.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 22 June, 2010
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