» “I am single and ready to mingle” Ranbir Kapoor

“I am single and ready to mingle” Ranbir Kapoor

By Lipika Varma


Ranbir discloses about his not being back with Deepika Padukone, humbly refuses to be the youth icon, about Raajneeti, Power, Politics and much more in a rendezvous with Lipika Varma.

ranbir kapoorYou and Deepika were seen together again? So all’s, well in your paradise again.

It’s wrong of everybody to assume that we are back together again. We just bumped into each other, we were along with few of our friends, and we watched the movie together. That’s all I can say as of now. I am single and there’s nobody in my life now. When we were together, we were open about our relationship. It is unfair to link me and her. She comes from a good family and hopefully will get married soon and settle down. Laughingly adds,” Yes! I’m single and ready to mingle.”

What is Raajneeti all about? Would you choose power or money?

My character is based on the epic character Arjun. It’s a film about family and relationships with politics as a backdrop and we are not trying to preach anything through the film. Working with Prakash was a learning experience and we are actors who love to do variety of roles. I feel honored to be chosen by Prakash Jha for this particular role. I presume I will chose power over money.

You are the youth icon today.Do you agree?

I don’t think so. I don’t have a worked out body like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. You can call them youth icons as they have done so many films and the youth try to emulate them. I am new to the industry and still many years to go in the industry before I attain the status of the youth icon.

Would you love to join politics some day?

I have just started voting two three years ago. I am not very well informed about it and I’ve no interest in politics. It needs a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I am not talented to be in politics. But every good politician will have my support. We often complaint that they don’t work well but I think we should take the first step for the well being of our country. What are we doing for the country this should be our first question to ourself.

Is the role challenging?

Every role is challenging and you have to work hard to put in a lot of effort to bring life to the character you play. I always listen to the director’s instructions which help me give more to the character in terms of exuberant performances. Every film and role that we do comes with a lot of challenges.

You will be the only star visiting all the cities with Prakash Jha. Meeting the youth?

I am getting an opportunity to meet and interact with the youth of so many cities. It is going to be fun and I am looking forward to it. We are going to provide them with a platform to air their views. We are not an expert in politics so we are not there to preach anything. But yes in the wake of promoting the film we have chosen to visit colleges. There is no serious message about anything in the film It is an entertaining film with drama, thrill and romance.

You are sporting spectacles in the film was it to add glamour or seriouness to your character?

I don’t think I look glamorous with spectacles. I am a student studying abroad, whose learning English Literature and poetry of the 18th century. He visits his family in India and gets sucked into politics. Prakash Jha didn’t want me to look young; He wanted me to look mature and serious and suggested this look for my character.

A lot has been said about you and Katrina off screen chemistry too?

We are good friends and nothing more than that. We have done a film together this is our second film and we did spend a lot of time together. But we were always in a group. We used to sit and talk and have fun. Nana sir, used to also cook for us at times. In fact she used to call me her junior on the sets.. You also played cricket on the sets and were busy sketching Kathrina? Ya, we enjoyed playing cricket but Kathrina wanted to cheat us by asking us to change the norms and ways of playing cricket as per her benefit which we did not do” expresses Ranbir on a lighter note. I drew a fat Kathrina. I am not having it right now or else I would have shown it on the television…laughs.

You are playing a grey shade in the film?

I love to play different characters and as an actor I want to try different shades. I want to experiment with different roles and like to be challenged. When you watch the film you will see the purpose of negativity in my role.

Heard that you have denied doing a film with Shah Rukh Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan is a big star and I would definitely be privileged to work with him. No one has offered a film together nor has Karan Johar. I would definitely love to work with him. This is a fake news, media created of’coz. Sometimes it is ridiculous that media writes we are not doing or doing a film without even confirming the news. This creates a wrong notion in the minds of the people.

You were the youngest of the lot. You got to interact with National Award winners in the film?

For me it was a wonderful opportunity to work with all of them. It was a learning experience. I am not somebody who craves for limelight. I am just a character in the film. In fact I am a character in every film of mine. There was no upmanship or competition amongst us. We work for 100 days on a set and a great bond is formed off screen too that it reflects on screen. We all portrayed our characters with honesty. In fact no one tried to show me or prove that they were award winners. They were friendly and gave good tips. In fact I was pampered on the sets.

What next?

I am doing Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar and Anurag Basu’s next. I can’t talk about them right now.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 11 May, 2010
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